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Pemamek is a global welding and production automation provider.

The company is specialized in designing and manufacturing automated systems for heavy metal industries.

Founded in 1970, the company is a family-owned limited company with solid finances (AAA-rated company). Today, Pemamek employs 300 personnel at its headquarters in Loimaa. All business functions from manufacturing to design are implemented in Pemamek’s modern and technically advanced premises in Loimaa, Finland.

Pemamek has sales offices also in the USA, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Italy and Poland.

Half a century of global excellence

Pemamek has delivered 15,000+ automated welding and production solutions to 50+ countries.

Export rate over 90 %

With an export rate of over 90%, Pemamek has delivered over 15,000 automated welding and production solutions to customers in over 50 countries. Based on this expertise, a great number of customers from different business segments have received tailor-made solutions that are designed according to their production needs. We can offer our customers simple, yet concrete solutions that are efficient and hi-tech.

Our goal is to be the preferred supplier in our customer industries, collaborating with our customers to continuously improve their competitiveness. Technology is one of the key success factors in achieving this goal, as well as in improving the profitability of our own business.

In January 2019, Pemamek received Turku Chamber of Commerce’s Southwest Finland Export Award.

“The production goals that we set for the robotic welding station, have been accomplished and our production is now significantly more efficient. The station has brought several benefits to us.”

Half a century of global excellence


Pemamek is founded

First PEMA positioner


Pemamek starts developing automation and robotic solutions


Automation becomes Pemamek’s core business


Big investments in a greenfield factory

Significant investments in R&D on modern robotics and automation


Generational change.

Factory facilities are doubled

Pemamek has doubled its revenue and employs now over 200 people


Pemamek celebrates its 50th anniversary

Investments in global operations and growing international network

Pemamek 2019

Key figures

Pemamek was founded
Delivered solutions
Export rate

Our Mission and Vision

As the world-leading welding and production automation provider, Pemamek is dedicated to bringing the best results and value for customers.

ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System

ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System

ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Dun & Bradstreet Lowest Credit Risk

Our promise

More productivity. More competitiveness. Fast return on your investment.

Our profound philosophy is always listening to and understand the customer’s real needs. Each customer has different requirements, and so each solution will be different. This is why we have the best welding expertise in-house to implement your best investment.

By investing in PEMA solutions you will gain more production efficiency and sustain your competitive edge. 

Who we are

Pemamek is a forerunner in welding and production automation

Pemamek is a forerunner in welding and production automation. Specialized in designing and manufacturing automated welding and production systems, as well as work-piece handling equipment, our competence has been recognized worldwide.

Founded in 1970, the company is a family-owned limited company with solid finances (an AAA-rated company). We have a modern, technically advanced factory in the city of Loimaa in Finland. PEMA Sales Offices are located in the USA, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Poland.


Be the world’s best welding and production automation company.

As the world-leading welding and production automation provider, Pemamek is dedicated to bringing the best results and value for customers.


Fostering responsible manufacturing.

Building a successful business requires responsible choices. As a Finnish family-owned company, we are determined to do our part to leave a healthy community and sustainable environment for future generations.

In our business operations, we focus on three different areas: people, planet & profit

People: Embracing diversity in the work community, fairness, and loyalty among customers and partners, fostering health and safety at work.

Planet: Using an ethical and transparent supply chain, working against unethical employee conditions, utilizing sustainable and renewable energy sources

Profit: Valuing high quality in operations, products and services, embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, courage to challenge and explore new solutions, continuous drive to develop and acquire knowledge

Pemamek Oy supports the elimination of all forms of modern slavery. We recognize that modern slavery is a growing global issue from which no industry is immune, and we are committed to taking the appropriate steps to identify vulnerable workers and mitigate modern slavery risks in our operations and supply chains. 

Our solutions have significantly improved the productivity of these companies


“Our production became significantly faster right away after the first PEMA deliveries” – Tõnis Tuuder, Estanc

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We are committed to providing the best solution with superior quality

PEMA welding positioners, column & booms, rollerbeds and robotic welding solutions provide the highest safety and welding efficiency at work, with 50 years of experience in the field. 

Welding Positioners - Pemamek

Long-term client Estanc relies on PEMA solutions

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Custom steel fabricators, Inc. and PEMA


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