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A virtual meeting is a quick and easy way to discuss personally your welding and production automation needs whenever it is convenient for you.

PEMA News 2021

PEMA News 2021 is out now! The magazine covers some of our most fascinating customer success stories and in-depth articles on the latest PEMA technology.

Success Stories

With 50 years of experience in the field, we deliver solutions that maximize your capacity, increase your productivity and enhance working ergonomics and safety-at-work conditions.


Flange Fitting Station simplifies production and improves safety


Automated PEMA production lines to MV Werften shipyards


The time to start with welding and production automation is now

Wind Energy - Pemamek

Wind Energy

Foundation manufacturing, plate, jacket and shell/section fabrication

General Fabrication - Pemamek

General Fabrication

Positioners, Colums & Booms, rollerbeds and tobotized welding solutions

Shipbuilding - Pemamek


Profile & plate production, panel fabrication, open block panel lines, pipe & t-beam welding

Offshore and Process Equipment - Pemamek

Offshore & Process

 Pressure vessel and tank manufacturing, pipe manufacturing solutions, process equipment manufacturing, tailored solutions

Power Generation - Pemamek

Power Generation

Boiler pipe and membrane (boiler water) wall manufacturing solutions, pressure vessel manufacturing solutions

Heavy Equipment - Pemamek

Heavy Equipment

Robotics, robotic welding solutions and robot programming


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