VM-Works Oy invests in PEMA Robotic Welding Station

Finnish company VM-Works Oy has invested in a PEMA robotic welding station. The station will be used to weld high-quality buckets and equipment for earth-moving machinery manufactured by the company.

Pemamek has received an order for a PEMA robotic welding station from VM-Works Oy. The investment in the robotic welding station will meet increased demand and increase VM-Works Oy’s production capacity. The station consists of a 5tn SkyHook processing table, a floor-mounted robot, a Fronius TPS 600i power supply, a PEMA CellControl Cell Controller, and a PEMA WeldControl Offline remote programming tool.

The investment will enable the transition from manual bucket welding to automated robotic welding, which will reduce welding time to about 1/3 of what it is today. The new robotic welding station will facilitate the smoothing of production capacity peaks, freeing up resources from full bucket welding to just prefabrication welding and finishing. The investment in robotics enables consistent weld quality and predictable production lead times.

“We ended up investing in a robotic welding station precisely because of the speed of production. In addition, the global shortage of labor and skilled welders poses its own challenges. The new station will allow us to positively impact both issues,” says Mika-Matias Huttula, CEO of VM-Works.

The robotic welding station is VM-Works Oy’s first robotic investment, so it was important that the chosen supplier was able to provide a turnkey delivery scale for the entire delivery. Pemamek already had domestic references of robotic welding stations supplied to bucket manufacturers. Pemamek’s expertise and technical solutions, especially in software integration, also stood out.

“By ordering a robotic welding cell from Pemamek, VM-Works Oy received the entire implementation on a one-stop-shop basis. The supplier will also be responsible for remote programming integration and product development in the future. Pemamek’s remote programming capabilities and the cell controller, which provides a simple interface on the floor of the hall, lowers the threshold for transferring individual parts and small batches to the welding robot,” explains Samuel Karjalainen, Area Sales Manager Finland.

The delivery includes welding parameters prepared by Pemamek’s welding engineers and the welding program for the bucket selected by VM-Works Oy. The robotic station will be assembled at Pemamek’s Loimaa factory and a bucket will be welded in factory acceptance test a sign of the station’s performance. This gives VM-Works Oy the assurance that after installation and final approval, the station will be ready for production immediately.

The station will be delivered to the customer in February 2022 and will be ready for commissioning in March 2022.


More information:

Samuel Karjalainen, Area Sales Manager (Finland), Pemamek Oy,, +358 40 700 1060

Pihla Ruohonen, Marketing and Communications Specialist, Pemamek Oy,, +358 50 365 1749 

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