Pemamek is growing and recruiting new talents to various teams

During the autumn, Pemamek is recruiting several people to different teams to enable future international growth. Demand has been on the rise and the world is seeing a positive trend in investment in automation.

Pemamek’s strategy has been updated over the past months and, in line with the renewed strategy, the company is looking for clear growth in the coming years. The general economic growth after the Covid-19 pandemic has also started faster and stronger than expected. This has also been positively reflected in Pemamek’s new orders, especially since the summer.

“This week we are launching a wider recruitment campaign. The growth we are aiming for also means that we need to increase our staff. In total, we are looking for more than 20 new people in the autumn recruitment campaign for positions such as engineering, programming, installations, and maintenance,” says Petri Heino, CFO at Pemamek.

Pemamek aims to double its turnover in the next 4-5 years. The recruitments being made now are an integral part of the growth strategy and plans. In line with Pemamek’s philosophy, every relationship with both customers and employees is built with a long-term approach and trust.

“There are vacancies for a number of different teams. We are looking for both seasoned professionals with a longer background and enthusiastic people in the early stages of their careers. We have interesting projects worldwide. There are many open roles, and you can develop according to your interests and strengths,” Heino encourages.

Solutions to support sustainability trends and help labour shortages

Pemamek’s growth is driven by at least two global trends: the labour shortage of skilled welders and the move towards carbon neutrality. The need for automation will increase in the near future and Pemamek’s goal is to continue its international growth and to be present in more markets. Many of the positions in the recruitment campaign also involve travelling and working with international customers.

“The need for automation will grow soon – welders are retiring in large numbers both in Finland and around the world. The shortage of labour is a global challenge, and Pemamek’s robotics and production automation offer a solution,” says Juha Mäkitalo, CEO of Pemamek.

Another global trend driving growth is carbon neutrality. Fossil fuel reduction is being encouraged and both governments and companies are making solutions and changes to achieve carbon neutrality.

“We expect growth in the wind energy segment, for example, as interest in wind energy is growing rapidly again. The number of enquiries for Pemamek’s equipment has been growing steadily and we have been able to pioneer completely new challenges. For example, the popularity of offshore wind turbines is on the rise. We have been able to get involved in the manufacturing of such wind turbine structures and have found workable ways by combining different PEMA solutions,” Mäkitalo illustrates.

The recruitment campaign has started this week and will run until 7 November 2021.

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Pihla Ruohonen, Marketing and Communications Specialist, Pemamek Oy,

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