Fortaco Zrt. places an order in PEMA welding solution

Hungarian subcontracting manufacturing company Fortaco Zrt. has placed an order in the PEMA welding solutions. The delivery includes a set of PEMA HPS and TPS welding positioners with rail cars and PEMA Skymaster PRO APSi 3-axis positioners with wireless programming.

Pemamek has received an order from Hungarian subcontracting manufacturer Fortaco Zrt.  The order includes a set of PEMA HPS & TPS 3500 and HPS&TPS 7000 head&tailstock Positioners. In addition, the order includes PEMA APSi 1500 and 3500 3-axis positioners with wireless programming. This is the second investment in a PEMA welding production solution and part of Fortaco’s strategy to fully automize the company’s production in the future.

“With this investment in automated PEMA solution, we are going to improve our production efficiency with excellent quality and safety. We have planned to invest in another bigger PEMA welding solution to fill our growing production needs”, says Fortaco’s Industrialization manager, Mr. Attila Mihályi.

PEMA HPS headstock and TPS tailstock positioners are specifically designed for long, revolving workpieces. With the loading capacity of 7 tn and 14 tn and rail cars, the positioners can guarantee excellent productivity and quality and brings significant improvements to Fortaco’s frame and beam manufacturing processes. PEMA programable 3-axis Skymaster APSi Pro increases productivity by 70% and is suitable for multiple Fortaco workpieces. Visual programming is done by the wireless mobile device and maintains optimal working cycles for all welders. The PEMA solution provides efficient ergonomy and safety to the welder. Fortaco’s processes have many needs for special welding positions manufacturing frames and booms mainly for the mining, construction, material handling, and transportations industries.

Mihályi has been extremely impressed with Pemamek’s customer service and the support they have received from Pemamek remotely: 

“We were very impressed with the online meeting, and it was carried out very professionally. We feel that Pemamek has a unique strategy from the preparation to the assembly. Also, PEMA products had the best quality”, Mihályi, summarizes.

The welding solution will be delivered and ready for production during spring 2022.

For more information, please contact:

Mika Nihti, Area Sales Manager,, +358 50 350 6961

Pauliina Selinheimo, Marketing and Communications Specialist, , +358 50 528 6535

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