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PEMA Skymaster Pro

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PEMA welding positioners

PEMA Skymaster PRO

PEMA Skymaster PRO is your reliable partner for extra-heavy work. With precision, advanced features, time savings, and versatility, it’s designed to empower your operations and guarantee the highest quality and productivity.

PEMA Skymaster PRO welding positioner is designed for intelligent and efficient welding, and it is a perfect fit for any workshop doing manual welding. It is suitable for welders of all types – both experienced and new talents, young and old welders.

PEMA Skymaster PRO’s aim is to ease workpiece handling. Whether your task is welding, assembly, or surface treatment, this positioner will make it easy. Each positioner features unique loading curves for safe workpiece handling.

Skymaster PRO caters to a wide range of applications with optimal dimensions. From the Skymaster PRO series starting at 1,650 lbs (750 kg) and reaching up to an impressive 77,000 lbs (35,000 kg), you’ll always find the perfect fit for your product’s requirements.

PEMA Welding positioners

Maximize uptime and efficiency

PEMA Skymaster PRO positioner is designed to tackle the most robust conditions. With Skymaster PRO, you have complete control over the height, tilt, and rotating speed of your workpiece, and all settings are fully adjustable and programmable. Plus, you can save and modify positions, lifting, rotation, and tilting as needed, ensuring the optimal working position every time.

Smart and fast production

The smart welding positioner can save more than 1,700 different work cycle positions for a single workpiece. This helps newer welders but also saves time and increases efficiency in serial production. Pre-programming with a browser-based system makes handling significantly faster and can increase efficiency by up to 70%.

PEMA Welding positioners

Modern digitality

The PEMA Skymaster PRO represents a fusion of modern digitality and Pemamek’s signature positioning technology. It is easy to use, and it enables pre-programming of work cycles and handling positions.

Programming made easy

The software is easy to use both for younger and more experienced welders compared to using a typical machine tool programming interface. The visual software tool enables a better understanding of the overall production and improves manufacturing capacity.

The programming process is like using a smartphone. You gain access to Skymaster PRO’s advanced features through your mobile device, tablet, or laptop via WiFi. The PRO application, accessible through your internet browser, offers a range of tools, including positioner programming, machine diagnostics, maintenance tracking, and the convenience of adding essential notes.

The positioner programming app can be managed with:

a mobile

a tablet

a laptop

Brochure and Datasheet Download

Download PEMA Skymaster PRO -brochure
Download PEMA Skymaster PRO APSi -datasheets

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