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PEMA Skyhook Pro

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PEMA welding positioners

PEMA Skyhook PRO

When it comes to handling heavy work-pieces with intricate product geometries, PEMA SPSi Skyhook PRO positioners are your go-to solution. Designed to excel in the most demanding tasks, the Skyhook PRO offers unmatched performance. With a robust loading capacity ranging from 750 to 15,000 kg, it’s the ideal companion for heavy-duty applications.

The PEMA Skyhook PRO series expands the handling capabilities of previous Skyhook positioners with new intelligent software that enables pre-programming of work cycles and handling positions. This makes PEMA Skyhook PRO a perfect fit for mass production. It is optimal for welding and assembly and designed for better ergonomy. 

PEMA Welding positioners

Maximize uptime and efficiency

PEMA SPSi Skyhook PRO positioners are the ultimate solution for tackling challenging tasks with heavy work-pieces and complex geometries. Elevate your operations with precision, remote control capabilities, and significant time savings. Revolutionize your workflow and drive efficiency to new heights.

Smart and fast production

PEMA Skyhook PRO welding positioner can save more than 1,750 different work cycle positions for a single workpiece. This helps newer welders but also saves time and increases efficiency in serial production. Pre-programming with a browser-based system makes handling significantly faster and can increase efficiency by up to 70%.

PEMA Welding positioners

Modern digitality

The PEMA Skyhook PRO represents a fusion of modern digitality and Pemamek’s signature positioning technology. It is easy to use, and it enables pre-programming of work cycles and handling positions.

Programming made easy

The software is easy to use both for younger and more experienced welders compared to using a typical machine tool programming interface. The visual software tool enables a better understanding of the overall production and improves manufacturing capacity.

The programming process is like using a smartphone. Skyhook PRO empowers you with remote control and accessibility. Connect effortlessly via mobile devices, tablets, or laptops through WiFi. The PRO application operates seamlessly in your web browser, providing intuitive tools for positioner programming, machine diagnostics, maintenance logging, and the convenience of adding essential notes.

The positioner programming app can be managed with:

a mobile

a tablet

a laptop

Download the PEMA Skyhook PRO datasheet

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