Successful partnership with DNC Técnica

DNC Técnica, a true expert in industrial maintenance, has been Pemamek’s official partner since 2017. Portuguese-based DNC Técnica has been operating in the metal industry for 22 years already, and the experienced Product Manager and PEMA Partner Mr. Daniel Candeias has worked for the company for half of that time.

From a successful project to a valuable partnership

Product Manager, Mr. Candeias, who joined DNC Técnica a full 11 years ago, is responsible for the business areas of Portugal, Angola, and Mozambique. Mr. Candeias describes the beginning of the partnership with Pemamek as smooth and natural, after a successful joint project;

Our cooperation with Pemamek began nearly three years ago in a joint project in Portugal and we could not be more satisfied with the results. Working with Pemamek is excellent: from very honest and experienced people to deep know-how and availability.”

Another aspect that PEMA Partner Mr. Candeias, who has visited Pemamek’s premises a couple of times, appreciates is Pemamek’s combination of family-orientation and hunger for global growth.

“People with big visions make big companies. The value that Pemamek puts in all its actions makes this partnership very valuable for both parties. I have great confidence with Team PEMA and honestly, it’s like a family for me too,” describes Mr. Candeias.

“Customer satisfaction is fundamental and crucial; it is a big measurement of excellence. That is one of the reasons why this partnership is beneficial, as both Pemamek and we are really focused on customers and their satisfaction.”

Importance of customer satisfaction as a mutual vision

When describing the benefits of cooperation with Pemamek, Mr. Candeias highlights the importance of customer satisfaction during the whole process. A strength that Mr. Candeias recognizes is that Pemamek does not offer just a great product, but provides full life-cycle management for its clients.

“Customer satisfaction is fundamental and crucial; it is a big measurement of excellence. That is one of the reasons why this partnership is beneficial, as both Pemamek and we are really focused on customers and their satisfaction”, clarifies Mr. Candeias.

The success of previous projects makes Mr. Candeias look eagerly towards future projects as well;

“To be honest, I am anxious for our projects that are starting within the next month. The previous installations gained positive feedback from customers, that Pemamek is the provider they want to have for a long time.”

“There is a successful future ahead of us”

When it comes to the future, Mr. Candeias sees great opportunities for cooperation and growth in Portugal:

“We are already strong in the wind energy industry here in Portugal. We are also expanding to other industries, such as shipbuilding – there is a lot of potential for growth.”

According to Mr. Candeias, the work that Pemamek has already conducted in Portugal enables a strong foundation for future success as well – and it is apparent that the partnership with DNC Técnica plays an important role in all of it.

“For me and for DNC Técnica, it is a pleasure to be Pemamek’s partner, there is a great, successful future ahead of us. I wish another great 50 years of business for Pemamek. Thank you for this partnership – kiitos!

Thank you, Daniel, for your time and DNC Técnica for the past and future projects!

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