Piako Oy Invests In PEMA Gantry Robotic Welding Station

Piako Oy, a Finnish superstructure specialist, has invested in modern welding automation. The new robotic welding station will be used to produce steel frames for superstructures.

Pemamek has received an order from Piako Oy, a superstructure specialist based in Naarajärvi, Finland. The order includes a PEMA Gantry robotic welding station consisting of two pairs of 5tn HeadStock and 5tn TailStock processing tables, a Fronius TPS 600i power supply, a PEMA CellControl Cell Controller, a PEMA Smoke Extraction Kit, and a PEMA WeldControl Offline remote programming tool. The new robotic welding station will be used to weld steel frames for various heavy-duty superstructures manufactured by Piako.

The investment in the robotic welding station will enable Piako to move from manual frame welding to automated robotic welding. At the same time, it guarantees a constant production rhythm and a uniform weld quality. The investment will also enable the efficient robotic production of small batch and one-off parts.

“Our investment in robotic welding is part of a wider production and operational development project. Automated welding will enable a significant increase in capacity. After the robotic station has been commissioned, we will also be able to meet the demand of the domestic and export markets with even faster delivery times,” says Harri Kovanen, Managing Director of Piako Oy.

Pemamek already has a strong track record of delivering turnkey solutions for superstructure contractors. Piako’s order is also a turnkey solution and is ready for production immediately after installation.

“The PEMA solution includes welding parameters prepared by Pemamek’s welding engineers and programs created by robot engineers for the frame selected by Piako. The robotic station will be assembled at Pemamek’s Loimaa factory and the complete frame will be welded in factory approval tests. This gives Piako the assurance that after installation and final approval, the station is ready for production immediately,” says Samuel Karjalainen, Area Sales Manager Finland, who is responsible for the customer relationship.

The robotic welding station will be delivered to the customer in July 2022 and will be ready for commissioning in August 2022.

More information:

Samuel Karjalainen, Area Sales Manager (Finland), Pemamek Oy,, +358 40 700 1060

Pihla Ruohonen, Marketing and Communications Specialist, Pemamek Oy,, +358 50 365 1749 

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