Pemamek’s preparedness for COVID-19

​Pemamek closely follows the development of the global COVID-19 (2019-nCoV Coronavirus) pandemic. As an organization, employer, and supplier, Pemamek takes several precautionary actions for business continuity and to ensure the safety and health of its employees.

Pemamek’s highest priority is to protect the health of our employees and safety at the workplace while maintaining the continued operations of our functions and services. Pemamek constantly evaluates the risks and takes actions to minimize possible impacts on its services and deliveries due to the Coronavirus.

As the COVID-19 started to become an epidemic, in late January Pemamek activated a task force to reduce the impact of the outbreak conditions on business, workers, customers, and the public. The task force monitors the global situation, follows authorities’ instructions, communicates precautionary actions to the company’s employees, and plans business continuity initiatives.

As for safety measures, Pemamek has initiated travel restrictions, encouraged employees to utilize virtual meetings and remote work when possible, informed employees of good hygiene and prevention measures, developed instructions for self-monitoring of signs and symptoms, and has given instructions in case of doubting infection.

Pemamek’s personnel continues serving customers and partners and is available by phone or email. We are committed to serving you with any need you might have regarding PEMA solutions and services.

The times are unusual, but at Pemamek we believe that by taking concrete actions and working together to limit the risks of spreading the virus, we will be able to create a safe and healthy future for our employees and the whole society.

In case you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your contact person at Pemamek.

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