Pemamek together with companies and organizations in the Loimaa region donates a professorship to the University of Turku.

Technology companies in the Loimaa region, together with the City of Loimaa and the Loimaa Chamber of Commerce, are donating a new professorship to the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Turku. The participating companies are Pemamek Oy, Dinolift Oy, LMCE Group, Wille Machines Oy, Stera Technologies Oy, Hydoring Oy, Nordic Traction Oy, and Dometal Oy.

The cluster of technology companies in the Loimaa region collaborates closely with the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Turku in Finland. The donated professorship will strengthen the field of mechanical and automation engineering within the faculty. The professorship focuses on intelligent production and life cycle management of product systems. The total value of the donation is 610,000 euros.

Pekka Heikonen, the Chairman of the Board at Pemamek Oy, states that the collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Turku brings significant opportunities for companies in terms of product development, innovation projects, as well as competence and personnel development.

“The companies in the Loimaa region manufacture various demanding technological products, such as welding automation systems, work machines, and personnel lifts. Developing these products requires diverse expertise, combining mechanical engineering, automation technology, and information technology. Bringing engineering education to Turku enhances the competitiveness and growth of the companies in the region,” says Heikonen.

The new professorship also strengthens the emphasis on digital technology in the field of mechanical and automation engineering at the University of Turku. The professorship will be filled during the year 2023.

“The University of Turku, with its Faculty of Engineering and new degree programs, is developing into a significant provider of technical education regionally and nationally. The support from high-tech companies in Southwest Finland for this expansion has been persistent and determined. Through this donated professorship, we are building a modern degree program in mechanical and automation engineering and can respond more quickly to the high demand for engineering professionals. We will continue to work closely with the donating companies and high-tech specialists in the Loimaa region,” says Jaakko Järvi, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Turku started its operations at the beginning of 2021. The faculty has already grown into a community of 50 professors, 350 other teachers, researchers, and experts, and 3,000 students. In 2023, nearly 700 students will start their studies in the faculty’s degree programs, including 30 in the new automation engineering program starting in the autumn.

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