Pemamek participates in PI Marine US 2020 virtual event

PI MARINE US 2020 Virtual Event

Online: 5th & 6th of October

Theme of the Event: Digital Innovation & Development, Smart Production, Repair, Refit & Lifecycle Management.

Pemamek is participating in the virtual event of

The event takes place fully online, on Monday the 5th and Tuesday the 6th of October. During the event hours, PEMA experts will be available for virtual meetings and real-time chats.

Register for free HERE to enable access to various features of the event, such as:

  • Case studies and presentations
  • Panel discussions
  • Networking
  • Virtual meetings
  • Real-time chat panel with participants

Check the full agenda HERE.

PEMA experts participating in the event:

Jukka Rantala / Vice President, Key Accounts /

Tommi Reponen / Application Manager, Shipbuilding /

Marko Nieminen / Software and Automation Technology Manager /

We have designed and manufactured welding automation solutions for a variety of shipbuilding needs for years.

From a single piece production used in repair yards to high-level mass production of newly built shipyards, we provide our clients with deep knowledge and superior expertise.

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