Pemamek appoints Torben Blaaholm to lead wind energy segment​

Pemamek appoints Torben Blaaholm to lead wind energy segment

12/10/2023 | PRESS RELEASE

Pemamek Ltd., a global leader in welding and production automation solutions, announces the appointment of Torben Blaaholm as the Director of the Wind Energy Segment. The recent appointment highlights Pemamek’s strong commitment to advancing PEMA wind energy solutions and dedication to the company’s strategy to improve its position in the sector globally.

With over 20 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, Blaaholm brings in-depth industry knowledge and valuable expertise to the company. Blaaholm has a strong technical background in managing turnkey automation solutions for monopile and tower manufacturing.

As Director of the Wind Energy segment, Mr. Blaaholm will be responsible for guiding the segment’s strategic direction, fostering industry partnerships, identifying emerging opportunities, and driving innovation. The role is essential in elevating Pemamek’s global presence in the wind energy market.

Torben Blaaholm will start at his new role at Pemamek on the 1st of Mach, 2024, when free from his current duties.

Jaakko Heikonen, Vice Chairman and Director of Global Sales of Pemamek Ltd., expresses his enthusiasm about the new addition to the team, saying, “We are happy to welcome Torben to Pemamek. His extensive sector-specific knowledge makes him the ideal choice to lead our wind segment. With Torben’s expertise, we are confident that Pemamek will continue to excel in delivering cutting-edge, customer-centric solutions that contribute to the growth of the wind energy sector.”

Mr. Blaaholm will start with Pemamek on 1st March 2024 when free from his current duties.

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