PEMA Service – Intelligent maintenance

Prompt service and preventive maintenance keep the wheels in motion. Thanks to new technologies, digitalization opens new opportunities to provide accurate fault diagnoses and fast support globally.

The power of globalization is obvious. Thanks to digitalization, small and large companies can reach future and current customers faster than ever and grow their international sales network. As products and solutions are sold across the world, clientele becomes more globally spread. This again brings new challenges, but also a wider range of opportunities for companies.

– Pemamek has customers in more than 50 countries and in fact, we have solutions in each continent of the world. At PEMA Customer Support, our mission is to be present at all times to all of our customers, tells Matti Lahtinen, Pemamek’s Customer Support Manager.

Intelligent maintenance 

Large-scale projects and rapidly increasing international customer networks across the oceans required Pemamek, headquartered in Finland, to rethink outside the box and figure out new ways to serve their globally located customers in the best possible way.

– Customer’s production cannot wait and many times our customers need the assistance immediately. Our location cannot be an excuse for not providing prompt assistance, and in fact, our mission at the Customer Support department is to provide services that ensure the maximum production rate where customer support is a major factor, explains Lahtinen.

As the distances grow between solution and provider, bigger advantages must be taken out from the options that technology and digitalization are able to offer.

Matti Lahtinen (left) discussing with his team member, Toni Koskinen, about the upcoming customer visit.

PointR enables worldwide remote support between the customer and Pemamek – one excellent example of how digitalization emerges in the industry.

PointR enables real-time support

For a while now Pemamek’s customer support has been adapting PEMA PointR software into its operations. The software enables real-time picture transmission between the mobile devices and PEMA Help Desk. The software not only uses a video but also symbols and text-box to provide an accurate description of the fault situation as possible.

– In case of malfunction, remote access enables us to establish a constant connection to the PEMA machine and make a fast fault diagnosis right at our Finland office. Additionally, our crew gets a profound understanding of the state of the machine before they even arrive at the site, Lahtinen tells.

As a part of the delivery, Pemamek requires its customers to have an internet connection available at the site in order for Pemamek to have constant remote access to the PEMA solution. The connection is made from Pemamek’s Loimaa office straight to the customer’s location.

– The new software opens a range of new opportunities for customer support. As an example, when compared to talking on the phone or sending emails, the software makes it possible to go a stand next to the machine, give a full description of the situation even if there were loud noises in the background or there were language barriers existing, summarizes Lahtinen.

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