New record high as PEMAxLive online event gathers over 350 participants from 44 countries

On Wednesday, the 28th of April, Pemamek hosted another PEMAxLive online event for its customers. The “Efficient multi-layer welding of thick materials” webinar broke another record high as the event gathered over 350 viewers from 44 different countries.

The webinar, organized solely by Pemamek, included a comprehensive introduction to the full welding solution package, including welding head, machinery, control system, and welding process. Additionally, the event included live welding of narrow grooves to demonstrate the true benefits of the modern solution.

On behalf of the entire Team PEMA, we want to thank all the participants who took part in the online event. More events will be organized soon, so remember to follow our channels to stay updated.

Did you miss the show? In case you were not able to join the online event, you can request the recording here.

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