NAVANTIA, S.A., S.M.E. relies on PEMA Panel, Profile and Sub-block line

Spanish high technology vessel manufacturer Navantia has placed an order for the highly automated PEMA Panel Lines, Profile Processing Lines and Sub-Block Production Lines. Navantia Shipyards will have the latest laser-hybrid-based welding technology and unparalleled robotic technology fully integrated to create the Shipyard 4.0 working environment. There will be several phased deliveries during the next two years.

The agreement between Navantia and Pemamek includes a highly advanced automated and robotized PEMA Panel line, PEMA Profile Processing Line, and PEMA Sub-Block Production Line for Navantia’syards in Spain and will be one of the most modern and technologically advanced solutions in the worldwide shipbuilding business. After almost a one-year-long and very comprehensive public bidding process, Pemamek was announced to be the winner in July 2021. The PEMA state-of-the-art production lines follow Navantia’s previous investments in high technology PEMA flat-panel and micro lines, delivered in 2008 to Ferrol. With the latest agreement, Navantia can increase productivity and quality, reduce the cost and improve the safety of the workers. With the help of these strategic agreements, Navantia is aiming to ensure the Shipyard 4.0 working environment and, be at forefront of the shipbuilding and strengthening its position in global naval markets. 

“The main reasons behind the selection of PEMA as the long-term partner were the previous experience from earlier deliveries, PEMA’s top-level and wide range of technology, and knowledge, especially on shipyard automation”, Navantia

To ensure high productivity and streamlined production flow, the lines also include advanced material cutting and handling, proven welding processes, and a digital user interface. Additionally, the delivery also includes comprehensive service packages, like installation of the solutions, training, production support, spare parts packages, and preventive maintenance agreements, and extended warranty.

“This journey has been something that I will never forget. First discussions started around six years ago and during these years there have been several meetings and multiple proposals have been discussed, always in good cooperation. I highly respect the professionalism of people at Navantia and want to thank you for trusting PEMA and wishing a great success and fruitful cooperation also in the future”, summarizes Pemamek’s Vice President, Key Accounts, Jukka Rantala.

For more information, please contact:

Jukka Rantala, Vice President, Key Accounts, Pemamek,, +358 40 703 6176

For media inquiries, please contact:

Pauliina Selinheimo, Marketing and Communications Specialist,, +358 50 528 6535

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