KM Mont places an order in automated PEMA welding solution

Serbian pipeline manufacturing company KM Mont d.o.o has invested in an automated PEMA welding line. The delivery includes PEMA Assembly station with an integrated Column&Boom station.

Pemamek has received an order from the Serbian manufacturer KM Mont d.o.o. The order includes an automated PEMA Assembly station with an integrated Column&Boom station. Investment in an automated welding production solution is part of KM Mont’s future strategy to grow as a company and, offer more jobs in the future.

“With this investment in PEMA solution, we are going to improve our production efficiency with good quality. We will be more competitive and our goal is to have long-term contracts with our partners. We are also considering investing in another PEMA solution. The best quality was the reason we chose PEMA”, says KM Mont’s CEO and owner, Mr. Kukic Mladen.

PEMA TW5000-25 Assembly and welding station with side supporting arms has the handling capacity of 25t, and the innovative solution together with 6×5 HDS Column & Boom guarantees excellent productivity and quality and brings significant improvements to KM Mont’s manufacturing process. The station’s automated technology provides efficient welding, producing a high-quality and dimensionally accurate final product. The station is managed with a visual PEMA WeldControl 100 system, which increases the station’s ease of use and production control.

During the decision-making phase, KM Mont relied on a private virtual online meeting provided by Pemamek. Mr. Payer compliments the overall process and the support they have received from Pemamek remotely: “We felt comfortable to have an online meeting because we were not able to travel at that time. We got the support we needed during the decision-making time and, the private online product presentation was an excellent way to get familiar with PEMA products.”, Robert Payer, CEO and owner of PH – MFLOW GmbH (industrial engineering), summarizes.

The automated solution will be delivered and ready for production during summer 2021.

For more information, please contact:

Mika Nihti, Area Sales Manager, +358 50 350 6961

Pauliina Selinheimo, Marketing and Communications Specialist, , +358 50 528 6535

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