Finnish companies trust in modern PEMA production automation

Pemamek has received several orders from Finnish engineering companies. Investments in PEMA production automation will improve production efficiency, ensuring a high-quality end product. Proven technology and production automation solutions will further strengthen the Finnish heavy industry companies’ professional skills and competitiveness in both domestic and global markets.

Pemamek will deliver several PEMA production automation solutions to Finnish workshops in the heavy equipment industry during the year 2022. By investing in high technology, companies are one step further towards automated production and more efficient manufacturing. PEMA automation solutions can meet the growing demand in both domestic and global markets and enable the production of larger and more complex parts in an ergonomic and safe way, while respecting environmental requirements.  

“In addition to the production benefits, this is also a strategic investment. In the future, customers will focus on better quality and availability and automation can respond to this,” says Ville Ritakorpi, Promeco’s Sales and Marketing Director.

Easing the labor situation

Robotic stations, as well as other production automation solutions, will ease the labor situation now and in the future, as the number of skilled welders in the labor market is decreasing. A modern and efficient production solution has a positive impact on the employer image of workshops and is a key factor in the recruitment of future workers. 

“By investing in modern welding automation, we will be competitive in the manufacture of versatile products and demanding structures, as well as ensuring the efficiency and pacing of the rest of our production, achieving the highest possible efficiency. Our end product is of high quality and we can also meet future challenges, such as labor availability and the demands of climate targets,” says Mika Juvankoski, Entrepreneur and CEO of ATI-Teräs Oy.

“When order books remain full and the availability of new employees is challenging, starting with automated welding is a natural step for even the smaller Finnish workshops. Making the most out of the additional resources of welding automation has taken a big step forward with the advances in remote programming in recent years. This also makes the robotic production of small batches and individual parts a viable option. At the end of this year, we will launch a new feature for remote programming that will practically reduce the set-up time to near zero. Pemamek’s robotic welding customers will be the first to benefit from this feature in Finland,” Samuel Karjalainen, Area Sales Manager, Finland, Pemamek Oy summarizes.

“Pema provided us with the most suitable package and the most comprehensive offering, as well as really broad expertise in welding automation. Pemamek’s in-house designed software, as well as a presentation of the programming and factory demonstrations of the equipment with welding tests, were also decisive in our investment,” says Markku Rajala, CEO of Rautalaaki Oy.

Ensuring manufacturing capacity and smooth delivery of quality end products to customers is key to making investments. Easy-to-use PEMA solutions also offer the advantage of a comprehensive package including equipment, robotics, software, commissioning support, and maintenance services. 

“By investing in PEMA welding automation, we are a stronger player in the market. For us, the package offered by PEMA, especially the software and its ease of use, was decisive. We were also convinced by the product presentations and PEMA’s welding expertise,” says Robert Tunturi, Chairman of the Board of TunturiTec Oy.

The fast ramp-up will minimize disruption to production

“Pemamek’s turnkey solution was attractive and we were also convinced of the reliability of the commissioning schedule,” says Pentti Salonen, Production Manager at Toijala Works Oy. Comprehensive product presentations when considering the purchase, as well as quick professional answers to questions about the investment are part of Pemamek’s service.

“I consider Pema as a very reliable and high-quality supplier, and other alternatives were not even considered at this point. In addition, the equipment has a remarkably fast commissioning time, which means that there are practically no interruptions in production,” sums up Sami Korhonen, Managing Director of Jet-Steel Oy

Finnish heavy industry companies also value local expertise and reliability

 “For us, PEMA’s overall offer and the fact that it is Finnish were decisive in our investment,” says Tomi Nyroos, Production and Development Director of Aurea Steel Oy.

 “Communication with PEMA along the way has been very professional, fast, and open. Things are moving along smoothly and straightforwardly,” adds Tuulia Holkkola, Production Manager at Junkkari Oy.

Deliveries of the production automation solutions for the customers mentioned in the text are scheduled for 2022.

Example of PEMA Robotic Welding Solution delivered to a customer.

For more information, please contact:

Samuel Karjalainen, Area Sales Manager (Finland), Pemamek Ltd.,, +358 40 700 1060

Pauliina Selinheimo, Marketing and Communications Specialist, Pemamek Ltd.,, +358 50 528 6535


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