Stazione di saldatura robotizzata compatta PEMA Skytrack

Pemamek introduces new agile and compact PEMA Skytrack robot welding station 

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Pemamek has launched a new agile and compact robot welding station, PEMA Skytrack. The solution features a 2-axis PEMA Skyhook Pro positioner, a 6-axis Yaskawa robot welding arm and linear robot track. PEMA Skytrack sets a new standard for compact robot stations with its 2-ton handling capacity and 2600mm (102 in) robot travel length. 

The streamlined and sophisticated design occupies a small floor space making it fast to install and move to another location. Thanks to the easy-to-operate approach, the new compact robot welding station is fast to implement and an excellent solution for workshops with and without previous robotic welding experience. 

“Pemamek is known for its large-scale welding automation, but this time we wanted to make robot welding available for all-size workshops. PEMA Skytrack enables an easy and safe transition to robot welding and ensures that each shop can benefit from the perks of robot welding,” said Sakari Vainio, Pemamek’s Product Manager. 

The standard station includes a PEMA Skyhook Pro welding positioner, Yaskawa AR2010 robot arm, welding power source, and standard safety equipment. As an option, PEMA WeldControl Offline or Scan software can be added to boost automation capabilities and welding adaptivity. 

PEMA Skytrack is available for Pemamek’s customers globally. 


Andrea BattagliaDirettore Commerciale, Pemamek Italia,, +39 346 105 7934

Emilia VuorelaResponsabile Marketing & Comunicazione, Pemamek,, +358 50 5211 309

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