Pemamek introduces new PEMA Flexible Manufacturing System

Pemamek introduces new PEMA Flexible Manufacturing System

Pemamek has launched a new automated manufacturing equipment, PEMA Flexible Manufacturing System (PEMA FMS). The software-controlled manufacturing solution automates material handling and welding processes based on a predefined production recipe while mitigating manual interventions.
PEMA FMS solution flexible manufacturing from above

The welding and production automation company Pemamek has launched a new PEMA Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) that enables unmanned, reactive and flexible heavy steel manufacturing. The new solution is software-controlled production equipment that automates each process step while ensuring adaptive manufacturing for heavy industry.

Known for its user-friendly and in-house developed control systems, the PEMA FMS Pemamek has created a visually appealing and powerful routing software called Line control. The interface identifies the workpiece by RFID or QR code after which the transport conveyor takes the structure to the right process cell. In addition to the work view queue and status, the system tracks all work phases and provides information on the progress, among other features.

As an efficiency-increasing feature, the solution includes a buffer area that de-couples the robotic welding stations from the manual welding station. As a result, the stations can work independently without waiting for the other to finish their work. This minimizes waiting times and increases arc-on times.

The included process cells in the PEMA FMS solution are always designed according to the customer’s production demands and objectives. Furthermore, the solution is scalable and thus, it can be further extended in case manufacturing volumes and needs grow. As a turn-key solution provider, Pemamek offers support and service throughout project execution ensuring fast ramp-up, high productivity, and a long machine life-cycle.

PEMA FMS brings more efficiency and production flexibility. Especially for products with short welding times, as the buffer enables smooth workpiece replacement and independent welding. The solution facilitates making a smooth shift from manual processes to automated production improving flexibility, and quality control with short delivery times.

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