PEMA Service keeps growing: Meet Timo Toikka

Pemamek’s Service has gotten a new addition to the team as the experienced service professional, Timo Toikka has joined the ranks. Along with being enthusiastic about the future of the service business, Toikka acknowledges his skilled colleagues and high level of technology.

Timo Toikka, one of the latest additions to the PEMA Service team, joined the ranks of Pemamek in the spring of 2022. Toikka has great former experience as he has worked his entire career in the service business. In his new job, Toikka knew that he would possibly face some new challenges, but also great opportunities to grow as a professional.

Toikka has a major role as a part of the Service team’s plans, as the business is one of the focus areas in Pemamek’s strategy. He is looking forward to being part of developing Pemamek’s Service business.

“As a company, we aim to be close to our customers, serve with the full package and be right on time when it comes to the schedules. We want to be a trusted long-time partner and easy to approach”, says Toikka.

The future trends include rapid transformations e.g. in the energy landscape. This Toikka sees as an opportunity for Pemamek, thanks to the continuous technological development the company has made throughout the years.

“We have the will and ability to meet the needs of the future requirements in the green transition. For example, we are capable of responding to the growing demand for automated production equipment for wind tower and foundation manufacturing”, Toikka sums up.

According to Toikka, Pemamek has a tremendous amount of expertise in-house, which will be an asset in the future. He continues: “We have a huge amount of experience and skilled professionals here at Pemamek. With all this knowledge we are eager to grow as a company and develop new technologies as we are a globally high-valued pioneer in welding automation.”

Timo Toikka is PEMA Service’s new Sales Manager.

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