PEMA Saw Arc Welding Column & Boom for Aurea Steel 

Originally published by Eurometalli 31.08.2022.

PEMA Saw Arc Welding Column & Boom for Aurea Steel

Aurea Steel has significantly strengthened its welding capacity with the SAW Column & Boom supplied by Pemamek.

The Kankaanpää-based workshop has its roots dating back to the 1960s, which is the basis of the company’s strong and wide-ranging expertise. Since 2019, the company has operated under the name Aurea Steel Oy. Aurea Steel Oy Ab and Pöytyän Koneistuspalvelu Oy (PKP Machining) together to form a competitive engineering group, Aurea Group. The companies have strong ownership, customer, and production synergies. The focus is on welding and machining workshop manufacturing and assembly manufacturing. 

The Aurea Group has a common way of doing things, a “do it right the first time” culture, shared values, and a common way of managing production. 

Turnkey solutions for the heavy deliveries 

Aurea Steel’s services include part manufacturing, sheet metal working and welding, heat treatment and NDT, machining and component manufacturing, surface treatment, and assembly – all on a turnkey basis. 

With a massive 13 500 m2 of production space and a lifting capacity of up to 100 tonnes, the production facility can handle products weighing up to 120 tonnes. 

Aurea Steel’s customers typically represent the marine, offshore, energy, mining, forestry, paper and pulp, transport, and defense sectors. Many of these customers are active in the Nordic region and the wider international market. 

Aurea Steel’s turnover in 2021 was EUR 5.1 million, achieved with just under 20 employees. 

– The solid expertise of our personnel is a guarantee of our solution-oriented approach. We focus on quality, and reliability of deliveries and we develop our processes and competitiveness together with our customers, tells Aurea Steel’s Director, production and development Tomi Nyroos. 

According to Director Tomi Nyroos, the PEMA Column & Boom equipped with a submerged arc welding process and accessories will strengthen Aurea Steel's capacity in general, especially in welding processes for steel structures of 40-50 mm and stronger. Thick rotationally symmetrical steel structures are ideal constructions for the new PEMA solution.

Pemamek brings heavy welding capacity

Last May, Aurea Steel strengthened its heavy welding capacity with PEMA Column & Boom. This solution, supplied by Pemamek, has two 1000 A welding power sources. “Thanks to the two powerful Lincoln welding power sources, we can also carry out tandem welding with this unit,” says Director, Tomi Nyroos. 

Nyroos highlights two main reasons for the investment of the new submerged arc welding Column & Boom: 

– Firstly, the machinery needs to be upgraded through replacement investments. Secondly, the SAW Column and Boom allow for a more efficient welding process with tandem welding, i.e. two welding wires operating together. 

– The delivery of the equipment was well managed by Pemamek. The whole process from order to delivery took five months. 

According to Nyroos, the procurement process for Aurea Steel’s PEMA SAW Column & Boom initially had several options, but in the end, the scales were tipped in favor of Pemamek. 

– Locality and competitiveness in technical solutions were convincing factors, as well as confidence that service and maintenance operations would run smoothly,” Nyroos says, and tells why they chose Pemamek: 

– In addition, we have good experience with Pemamek workpiece handling equipment, which naturally increases our confidence in the supplier. 

Among the technical solutions, Nyroos highlights the LSO (Long Stick Out) technique, where the length of the free wire is longer than normal, increasing the welding yield. 

– PEMA Column & Boom equipped with SAW process strengthens our capacity in general, especially in welding processes for steel structures of 40–50 mm and above. Thick rotationally symmetrical steel structures are ideal constructions for the new Pemamek solution, says Nyroos. 

– Pemamek’s new technology makes our operations more efficient, as well as improves the reliability and quality of our deliveries, says Nyroos, summing up the benefits of the investment. 

– We are working to strengthen the faculties of our production equipment to remain competitive, Nyroos concludes. 

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