Fostering responsible manufacturing: Pemamek releases its first sustainability report

Fostering responsible manufacturing: Pemamek releases its first sustainability report

With the wind energy sector expanding and new responsibility regulations set to take effect in 2026, Pemamek Ltd. has launched an initiative to adopt a transparent approach to its responsibility efforts. Today, Pemamek has released its first official sustainability report.

Responsibility has always been a core value for Pemamek and its way of working. The commitment to environmental sustainability and responsibility is reflected in people, processes, and products. Pemamek takes concrete action to minimize waste, optimize energy consumption and resource use, and continuously improve environmental performance and personnel well-being in daily business.

Pemamek aims to communicate its key focus areas, achievements, and opportunities to its audience by publishing the sustainability report. Another goal is to engage in a dialogue with the stakeholders on sustainability issues and priorities and demonstrate leadership and commitment to sustainability in the heavy manufacturing industry and society.

“This report is our first official one and one example of the steps Pemamek has taken recently. While it provides us a clear way to progress, where to focus and what to measure, it also emphasizes the accountability of our work”, explains Antti-Jussi Kyläsorri, Quality Manager at Pemamek Ltd.

Pemamek’s vision extends beyond its own operations. The goal is to build a foundation that helps the company make its sustainability work systematic and organized, and ultimately become a role model for other companies in the industry.

“This report outlines our progress and performance in advancing sustainability within our organization and in the context of heavy manufacturing. It covers the key focus areas of our sustainability strategy, including environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability. It also reflects our commitment to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement”, comments Pekka Heikonen, Owner and Chairman of the Board at Pemamek, and continues:

“We are proud of our progress so far and remain committed to pursuing sustainability as one of the core values.”

The complete sustainability report, detailing Pemamek’s sustainability initiatives, achievements, and future endeavors.

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