A year of innovation and growth: A recap of 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to reflect on a year filled with groundbreaking developments, technological leaps, and notable achievements across our segments and around the world. From significant factory expansion to cutting-edge technology updates, the past twelve months have been nothing short of remarkable. 

Factory expansion and Grand opening: 

One of the standout highlights of 2023 was the grand opening of our 3rd factory expansion. The expansion, a testament to Pemamek’s commitment to innovation and growth, not only increased production capacity but also brought forth new employment opportunities. The cutting-edge facility is equipped with the latest manufacturing technologies, setting a new standard in efficiency and sustainability. 

Watch a video from the event day:

Big wind energy and robotic welding projects: 

The strategic decision to expand our factory, anticipating the growing interest in offshore wind energy has proven to be a game-changer. This year we’ve been working persistently and in cooperation with our customers on big wind energy projects, manufacturing the world’s largest welding platforms and portals for massive offshore wind tower and foundation structures.  

Read the press releases about the investments of Haizea and Sif. 

In addition to growing interest in offshore wind energy, also the demand for heavy equipment and robotic welding stations has grown. We’ve delivered several big robotic welding stations to our customers with a focus on flexibility and efficiency. 

Read the story from Harry Metall. 

Brand renewal: 

2023 marked a transformative year, with a notable highlight being the comprehensive brand renewal and launch of a new website. As Pemamek has grown globally, the need for brand identity clarification was vital. The refreshed branding not only breathed new life into the identity but also conveyed a commitment to staying at the forefront of the welding automation industry.  

Focus on sustainability: 

Responsibility has always been a core value for Pemamek and its way of working. The commitment to environmental sustainability and responsibility is reflected in people, processes, and products. With the wind energy sector expanding and new responsibility regulations set to take effect in 2026, Pemamek has launched an initiative to adopt a transparent approach to its responsibility efforts. Following this, we released our first official sustainability report in September 2023. 

A year filled with events: 

Industry leaders and innovators joined together during the much-anticipated Schweissen & Schneiden exhibition in Germany in September 2023. The week-long extravaganza served as a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and unveiling the latest advancements. Pemamek had a successful week including highlights such as a customer event and live demonstrations with the PEMA Skytrack station. Altogether, the year consisted of over 20 industry events across the globe from Europe to the United States and South Korea. 

PEMA robotic welding station PEMA Skytrack welding

Software updates: 

In Schweissen & Schneiden Pemamek unveiled the latest automation developments and launched three new groundbreaking software systems. These technologies not only benefit our customers but also revolutionize the manufacturing landscape. The newest additions to the PEMA Core software family are:  

  • AutoScan: A sophisticated software for high-level adaptive welding that requires minimal user input. 
  • Visio 3D: An advanced solution for shipbuilding, enabling precise and efficient workpiece scanning. 
  • PathPlanner: An intelligent software for automatic, collision-free path planning.

Launch of PEMA Skytrack robotic welding station: 

In an era where skilled manual welders are becoming scarcer globally, the demand for advanced welding machinery has never been more critical. With welding automation, we unlock the potential for flawless, repeatable, and precise execution across multiple work phases. The development of the PEMA Skytrack robotic welding station is a great example of a solution that can be implemented into any workshop easily and with or without previous experience in robotic welding. 

Launch of new milling equipment: 

The introduction of advanced milling machines took center stage in 2023, revolutionizing manufacturing processes both in the wind energy industry and in process manufacturing. These machines, equipped with the latest milling technologies, promise unparalleled precision and speed, catering to the increasing demand for intricate and high-quality components. By combining precision, efficiency, and reliability, Pemamek remains committed to driving progress in the heavy manufacturing industry. 

New mentoring program and team growth: 

A standout achievement for Pemamek was the national recognition granted to our mentoring program. The program, designed to foster professional growth and development, won a prestigious national award. This acknowledgment highlighted the company’s commitment to nurturing talent and contributing to the broader community. Pemamek experienced remarkable team growth, welcoming nearly 100 new members. The mentoring program is a vital part of the onboarding of new team members. 

In summary, 2023 was a year of transformation and progress, embracing innovation, sustainability, and collaboration. We look forward to continuing the journey with our partners and customers next year. 

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