How to master the art of virtual meetings in the world of welding automation?

The past two years have been unusual in many ways – which has allowed us to discover new, great opportunities. PEMA AV Manager Olli Vesterinen and Area Sales Manager Mika Nihti have both played a major role in establishing the new concepts and serving our audiences around the globe through webinars, virtual meetings, and remote
PEMA Factory visits.

Being present in virtual situations

“Our virtual events are customized to be extremely easy for the participants: one does not need to download any software or plug-ins, just join at the right hour”, starts Olli Vesterinen, PEMA AV Media Manager who runs the show behind the live action. According to Olli, every event requires planning and preparation, but the workloads can vary:

“For public webinars, we bring together a taskforce a few months prior. Private webinars – which we customize for the specific customer and their interest – can be put together very time-efficiently and flexibly.”

From private webinars of two attendees to public summits of hundreds of people, PEMA Area Sales Manager Mika Nihti emphasizes the importance of always being present – something that might, at first, sound bit odd. How exactly does one manage to be present through a couple of smart screens?

“Being present mentally is the biggest thing, no matter what the rest of the circumstances are. I know that some people have had bad experiences with online events in the past, and we really want to break that conception. Virtual events can be extremely informative and interactive – and we as hosts have the full responsibility to make it worthwhile!”

Virtual meetings are here to stay

While adjusting to the new circumstances has been a learning experience to Team PEMA as well – during the bigger events, Olli handles up to six cameras simultaneously –, it seems that the virtual events have quite naturally found their place in Pemamek’s routines. According to Olli, remote meetings and events are here to stay: 

“Within the past year, I have learned a lot about organizing online events: how the technology and equipment function. We have gathered plenty of experience and I believe the demand for these kinds of concepts will only keep growing. Already now, one can see the impact and importance of online and remote services.”

The impact is definitely not something to be overlooked, agrees Mika with his colleague:

“We have examples where a completely new contact first joined our public webinar, then booked a private webinar to learn more about the solution details, and soon after invested in us. The whole purchase process was carried out remotely, and of course, this is the greatest reward we can receive.”


How to get the most out of  virtual meeting?

Mika takes care of certain preparations to make sure the meetings are relevant and helpful for the potential customers: beforehand delivered photos from the factory and details of the production flow help Mika to get a better idea of the customers’ individual situation and needs. In return, Mika provides the participant with additional material of PEMA solutions and reference stories.

“Virtual meetings are highly efficient: the participating company can bring as many team members as they wish, and the content of each meeting is always customized according to their needs. 

In many cases, our customers want to see real, concrete action: live automated welding with the specific PEMA solutions – so that is exactly what we provide them with. One of our customers said that our private webinar made him feel as if he was standing right next to me in our factory: that’s when I knew our work has really paid off.”

Mika and Olli are mastering the art of virtual meetings after two years of online presentation.

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