Fostering responsible manufacturing

With the wind energy sector expanding and new responsibility regulations set to take effect in 2026, Pemamek has launched an initiative to adopt a transparent approach to its responsibility efforts. Antti- Jussi Kyläsorri, Pemamek’s Quality Manager, sheds light on the concrete steps being taken.

“During the past years, the operational environment has changed significantly, but also Pemamek’s growth in the wind energy sector and regulations have inspired us to launch this initiative. We think that acting responsibly and considering sustainability in the context of heavy manufacturing also strengthens our competitive edge,” explains Antti-Jussi Kyläsorri, the Quality Manager at Pemamek Ltd.

In late 2022, Pemamek launched an initiative to make its responsibility efforts visible. The initiative’s first step was to conduct a workshop in which the company’s current ESG level, future ambition level, and focus areas were determined. The launch of the initiative has given Pemamek a clear roadmap to move forward. As an example, Kyläsorri mentions the recently published responsibility report. “This report is now our first official one. While it provides us a clear way to progress, where to focus and what to measure, it also emphasizes the accountability of our work,” Kyläsorri adds.

Responsibility has always been a core value for Pemamek and its way of working. Pemamek has been working under the energy efficiency agreement for years and has constantly strengthened its role in being a pioneer in developing enabling technologies for its customers.

”We take pride in our role in enabling the offshore and onshore wind energy sectors’ efficient manufacturing,” Kyläsorri continues. “We have innovated semi-narrow gap welding for thick materials, one of the many technologies the company has developed.”

With the initiative, Pemamek aims to build a foundation that helps the company make its work systematic and organized, and ultimately become a role model for other companies in the industry.

Pemamek’s latest responsibility stats*:

  • In 2022 Pemamek managed to utilize nearly 100% of the waste generated in our processes for energy production and further reuse.
  • Whistle blowing channel was founded in 03/23


Source: Pemamek responsibility report, 2023

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