Pemamek’s MSS2019 event gathers over 130 maritime influencers

Modern Shipbuilding Summit 2019, organized by Pemamek on June 11-12, 2019, was targeted at shipbuilders who aim to modernize their existing production or invest in a new modern shipyard.

Modern Shipbuilding Summit 2019 was organized by Pemamek on June 11-12, 2019. The event was targeted at shipbuilders aiming to modernize their existing production or planning to invest in a new modern shipyard.

In total, the successful event gathered together over 130 maritime influencers. The diverse audience arrived in Finland from 20 countries and 56 companies.

The intensive two-day event included presentations from the world-leading shipyards, such as MV WERFTEN and Ingalls Shipbuilding, and welding, cutting, and production technology providers, such as Pemamek, Lincoln Electric, Davi, HGG, Hexagon, and Microstep.

Additionally, during the two days, the summit participants were able to experience a comprehensive selection of captivating live demonstrations and a showcase of the latest shipyard automation solutions presented at the Pemamek factory. The live demonstrations included innovative solutions, such as PEMA One-sided welding station with the laser-hybrid process and integrated milling, PEMA T-beam welding line, and PEMA VRWP-X2 robot welding station for micro panels.

In addition to comprehensive summit content, the event was a great forum for maritime influencers to meet, network, and interact with fellow shipbuilding professionals.

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