PEMA x LIVE: Offline programming for wide product mix

Join our PEMA x LIVE webinar on October 7th to learn about automating high-mix low-volume production!

Robots make a fantastic shop floor companion. They can go to places where it is too dangerous for humans, they adapt rapidly to variations, and also robots can do repetitive work all day long.

For humans to efficiently run the show, communication and control technology needs to be fast to learn and easy to use.

PEMA WeldControl 300 OFFLINE is a modern programming tool that tackles the challenges of any high-mix low-volume production. The smart system streamlines the communication between a human and a robot while enabling the two to work successfully side-by-side.

The webinar is hosted by PEMA Communications Manager Emilia Vuorela, joined by PEMA Experts Ann-Marie Hamberg (Robotics Engineer) and Teemu Rusi (Robotics Manager).

You will find this webinar beneficial if you are:

  • Manufacturer with a wide product mix
  • Business owner who is looking for a fast payback period on capital investments
  • Manager who is looking to redeploy employees to more value-added positions
  • Operator with repetitive or dangerous jobs

We look forward to having you join us!

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