NEWS: Pemamek growing at Asian wind energy markets

Pemamek has entered the Japanese and Taiwanese wind energy markets. For the company, the welding automation deliveries indicate a significant step towards future growth in the area.

PEMA Assembly Station guarantees the highest safety and circular shape of workpieces. 

Pemamek delivers wind tower production line to Japan, enters Taiwanese markets as well

Pemamek has entered the growing wind energy markets of Japan, as the company has delivered a production line for wind tower manufacturing.

Pemamek’s solution is now the first production line specialized in the manufacturing of wind towers in Japan. The production line delivered to Japan consists of a longitudinal seam welding station, assembly station, circular welding station, and a surface treatment line.

Pemamek’s advanced equipment is expected to ensure high productivity during the production stage, the customer reports.

  • Longitudinal seam welding station utilizes advantages of PEMA WeldControl 100 -control software and enables accurate, safe and high-quality work.
  • Assembly station is managed by just one operator and it guarantees the highest safety and circular shape of workpieces.

Additionally, Pemamek has delivered the PEMA Flange Fitting station to guarantee easy and effective flange fitting without the need to turn the shell.

  • Flange Fitting station enables savings in time and increased safety.

To read more about PEMA FF -station, click here.

Flange Fitting station is an ideal solution for onshore and offshore tower production. 

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