Lehtosen Konepaja orders heavy-duty PEMA welding automation

Lehtosen Konepaja, a daughter company of the Finnish LEKO Group, has placed an order for heavy-duty PEMA welding and production automation. The order includes PEMA APS 35000 welding positioner, capable of handling workpieces up to 35,000 kg, and PEMA HD 7×5 column & boom.

By investing in additional welding and production automation, Lehtosen Konepaja targets to further improve its production efficiency and welding quality.

“The workpieces that we manufacture are heavy and complex, so handling and welding of the pieces require a lot of working hours. We invested in PEMA welding and production automation to further develop our production process to even more efficient and to gain improved welding quality,” tells Erkki Lehtonen, CEO, Lehtosen Konepaja.

“We also want to look forward to the time after the current crisis.”​

Erkki Lehtonen, CEO, Lehtosen Konepaja

The new order is a continuum for LEKO Group and Pemamek’s long-term collaboration. Earlier Pemamek has delivered PEMA APS welding positioners, column & boom, and two PEMA robotic welding stations to LEKO Group’s daughter companies.

“We have been in collaboration with Pemamek since the beginning of the 21st century. Time after time we invest in PEMA solutions because of their significant benefits on production capacity.” Lehtonen summarizes, “We also want to look forward to the time after the current crisis.”

Lehtosen Konepaja is a comprehensive subcontracting company that specializes in system deliveries, body manufacturing, and the production of complex machined components. More than 90 percent of the yearly production is exported to globally significant companies.

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