Comprehensive boiler panel welding line to Caldema

PEMA 3000/6 – Membrane wall panel welding line, based on Lincoln Electric’s advanced AC/DC SAW welding process, is a comprehensive welding solution that is designed for the mass production of water tube panels.

Brazilian boiler manufacturer Caldema Equipamentos Industriais Ltda. invested in PEMA 3000/6 – Membrane Wall Panel Welding Line to increase production efficiency and minimize rework. The new panel line has resulted in a 35% increase in productivity and clear improvements in welding quality.

Caldema Equipamentos Industriais Ltda., located in the city of Sertãozinho in the state of SP (Brazil), is one of the main boiler suppliers in Latin America. During its 47-year history, Caldema has systematically invested in the company’s technological development and strong financial solidity.

In addition to designing and manufacturing boilers and boiler components, Caldema also manufactures hydrolysate machines, pressure vessels, and other equipment for third-party projects. Currently, Caldera has more than 350 boilers and retrofit supplies in operation.

“The panels are straight and the quality of welds is excellent which saves us time remarkably in the assembly phase of the boilers.“

New technology to replace the old

As a part of the company’s future goal of becoming the world-leading boiler manufacturer, Caldema has done significant investments in order to improve its manufacturing productivity and quality.

One of Caldema’s latest investments has been the acquisition of PEMA 3000/6 – Membrane Wall Panel Welding Line. The new line was acquired to replace Caldema’s outdated and self-made tube panel welding solution with the MIG process because the process was unreliable causing too much rework and efficiency did not meet the expectations.

“Our productivity and welding quality was not high enough. This forced us to consider investing in new and more reliable technology,” described Leonardo Zanini, Director, Caldema Equipamentos Industriais.

High-class quality, significant savings

Right after the launch of production with the new panel welding line, Caldema was able to see immediate benefits.

“The panels are straight and the quality of welds is excellent which saves us time remarkably in the assembly phase of the boilers. Additionally, rework of the welds has been minimized,” said Alexander Silva, Production Manager.

By investing in PEMA 3000/6 – Membrane Wall Panel Welding Line, Caldema has been able to reduce its production costs for membrane panels and consequently increase availability for new offerings.

“Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, our panel manufacturing has had a considerable 35% improvement in productivity with an extremely low defect rate in the entire process,” summarizes Silva.

In case of bigger capacity, the line can further be extended by adding a second stationary panel welding machine to the line.

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