AS Kohimo places an order for PEMA Tank production line

Estonian-based AS Kohimo has placed an order for PEMA Tank production line, consisting of PEMA TW5000-25 Assembly & Welding station with integrated PEMA 4×4 MD Column & Boom. The company, specialized in manufacturing various steel structures, is looking to gain better quality, higher efficiency, and shortened delivery times by investing in new welding automation.

The origins of AS Kohimo date back to 1953, making it one of the oldest Estonian companies in the field of steel structure manufacturing. For the last 30 years, the company has specialized in the manufacturing and installation of steel tanks and terminals for dangerous liquid storages. Additionally, the company manufactures and installs various other metalworks, such as metalworks of plant buildings, galleries and towers for bulk products, and water lines.

According to Mr. Igor Kond, the CEO of AS Kohimo, the new investment was not made to replace current equipment in the production hall, but to ensure future competitiveness. The company is also relocating its facilities from Tallinn to Paldiski during next year.

Recently, the market requests and demand from our customers have developed. To guarantee our competitivity and the ability to respond to changing manufacturing needs, we decided to invest in new welding automation”, explains Mr. Kond.

Igor Kond, CEO of AS Kohimo

PEMA TW5000-25 Assembly and welding station with side supporting arms has the handling capacity of 25t, and the innovative solution together with PEMA 4×4 MD Column & Boom guarantees excellent productivity and quality. According to Mr. Kond, these benefits were also some of the determining factors in AS Kohimo’s decision:

We have three big, crucial targets with this investment: better quality for our end products, shortened delivery times, and efficiency – we want to decrease the man hours in our production. This naturally requires an input from our side as well, and we will update our processes and make sure our personnel are well trained once the commissioning takes place.

„To guarantee our competitivity and the ability to respond to changing manufacturing needs, we decided to invest in new welding automation.“

Like many others, AS Kohimo also relied on a private virtual webinar provided by Pemamek in these unprecedented times during the decision-making phase. Mr. Kond compliments the overall process and the support he has received from Pemamek remotely:

The private webinar and the overall support from our designated PEMA contact Mr. Nihti (Area Sales Manager) played a major role in our decision to invest in PEMA solutions. We have received a lot of support so far, and we believe that Pemamek can efficiently provide service to us in the future as well. The chance to have a private webinar for our personnel was excellent: the webinar was very visual and gave a great overview of the solution and how it works. I would recommend this possibility for everyone.

AS Kohimo is looking to improve the quality of their end products and reach shorter delivery times with the newest investment.

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