Innovative solutions for onshore and offshore wind tower production

Advanced technology, modern processes, and automated production build the ground for high quality and innovative solutions in the growing wind energy sector. Pemamek specializes in solutions for heavy-duty welding and as a leading professional, takes pride in responding to customer’s individual needs, as welding automation systems are inevitably beneficial in the manufacturing of wind towers.

Good preparation enables efficient welding

PEMA solutions can be delivered as a turnkey solution, including everything from pre-design to life-cycle management. Efficient welding is guaranteed with good preparation, including rolling, cutting, and bevelling.

Precise plate cutting is a necessary precondition for high-quality shell fabrication. After the plate production, rolling ensures an efficient shell assembly. Accurate weld bevels are reached by integrating milling in production.

PEMA Welding platform enables multiple joint welding simultaneously. 

Solutions for offshore demands

The offshore industry is reforming with new market expansions and rapidly growing competition, which increases the need for high-performance welding. PEMA solutions are developed to help the production of the heaviest structures, monopile, and transition pieces. Automation enables better working ergonomics and ensures stable weld quality.

Pemamek’s plate fabrication solution can be delivered as a full package, a complete production line including several demanding processes. One PEMA solution can integrate everything from plate conveyors to groove milling and welding into the same production line. Integration not only saves welding time, but it also shortens the set-up and handling times.

„Offshore industry is reforming with new market expansions and rapidly growing competition, which increases the need for high-performance welding.“

Pemamek provides shell fabrication solutions for all kinds of tubular and conical shells, including a station for longitudinal welding. One of the latest PEMA innovations, Flange Fitting Station enables fast and easy fit-up of a flange without having to turn the shell. PEMA FF-station is an ideal solution for onshore tower production as well.

Solutions for section fabrication ensure efficiency and quality throughout the production line. PEMA Welding platform (WS) enables multiple joint welding simultaneously, which results in reasonable manufacturing times. After the interior welding is completed, integrated circular milling is applied. This ensures defect-free welding and production of semi-narrow gap joints.


Plate cutting → Beveling → Rolling → Longseam welding → Flange fitting → Assembly → Circular welding → Quality Control → Internals → Door frame cutting & welding

Solutions for onshore demands

The competition in the onshore manufacturing industry is also growing more intense, and companies can gain a competitive advantage by investing in welding automation systems.

Pemamek’s section welding solutions integrate PEMA Assembly station with PEMA Column & Boom, enabling circular seam welding effectively. Moreover, such a solution ensures safety and can be controlled with a user-friendly PEMA WeldControl 100 -software system.

With Pemamek’s onshore shell fabrication solutions, manufacturers can decrease the welding time; the PEMA Tower Assembly station and a double shell assembly station can decrease fit-up and tacking time by as much as 50%.

Section handling can be covered with PEMA control roller beds; the solution ensures easy and safe handling and transportation of sections and minimizes risky lifts.

PEMA Assembly station can be controlled with a user-friendly PEMA WeldControl 100 -software system. 

Doorframe cutting saves welding hours in both offshore and onshore

Cutting, adjusting and welding hours cause a bottleneck at the end of the production line.

Patented PEMA Door frame cutting and welding are robotized, enabling extremely fast and accurate cutting and welding. The process is based on WeldControl 300 CREATE and SCAN -software.

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