Half a century of world-class positioners

Pemamek has been designing and manufacturing positioners for demanding and heavy workpiece welding for nearly fifty years now. Positioners enable increased working flexibility, productivity, quality and they are also beneficial for welders: PEMA positioners have been developed to add ergonomic working comfort and ensure a safer working environment.

50 years of productive and quality welding

When Pemamek was established nearly 50 years ago, in 1970, it’s very first product was a small positioner. First positioners were delivered within the company’s home country Finland, but already in the midst of  1970 Pemamek started to deliver positioners abroad as well, first to Sweden and Norway.

The first positioners were only for around 150-kilogram workpieces whereas today, Pemamek’s standard positioners can take about 50 000-kilogram loads.

Positioners support the job of welders

The main advantage of positioner utilization is the fact that workpieces can be adjusted to the best possible down hand welding positions – this raises welding productivity as much as 70 %. Pemamek’s positioners are a combination of modern design and reliable, efficient technology and they can effortlessly be integrated with other PEMA solutions.

The positioners have been developed to best support the job of welders: features such as handy remote-control grant convenience, and special attention has been paid to safety-at-work- matters and ergonomics.

PEMA positioner series APS Skymaster, FPS Megamaster, HPS Headstock & TPS Tailstock, and SPS Skyhook offer a wide range of capacities from 250 kilograms up to 250 tonnes. Compared to manual workpiece handling, positioners diminish the uncertain quality and risk of injuries and they also enable savings in time: for example with PEMA APS Skymaster, 500 to 700 hours per year is saved in comparison to manual workpiece handling.

Positioners have been designed and manufactured in Loimaa, Finland for nearly half a century. 

Typical applications for heavy positioners:

〉 Automated welding of heavy thick-walled dish ends

〉 Cladding of pressure vessel components

〉 Narrow gap and tandem narrow gap welding stations of thick-walled pressure vessels

〉 Foundations for wind energy plants

〉 Propeller housings, winches, and other shipbuilding and offshore industry components

PEMA APS SKYMASTER – Ideal partner for any welder

PEMA APS Skymaster positioners are Pemamek’s most popular products; the series consists of a wide range of standard products with short delivery time. All the positioners of the PEMA APS Skymaster series, the widest selection of positioners in the market, are equipped with adjustable rotation, tilting, and height movement function enabling heavy workpieces with complex geometry to be lifted, rotated, and tilted.

Furthermore, the possibility for 3-axis workpiece adjustments guarantees optimal, productive, and ergonomic working positions for the welder.

The loading capacity range in standard models ranges from 250 kilograms to 50 000 kilograms. For higher capacity needs, Pemamek will provide the customer with a customized positioner.

Each positioner is designed in-house and manufactured with high-quality components. Inverter-controlled AC-driven rotation movements are smooth and accurate in all loading conditions.

Powerful, hydraulically operated tilting and height adjustments enable safe positioning of the workpiece into optimal welding and working positions. The hydraulic system is equipped with in-built safety valves for hose damages. All movements are easily controlled with remote control and the operator can monitor rotation speeds from an RPM display.

PEMA APS Skymaster is compact in size yet it is built for large movements and designed to last even the most robust conditions. Customers are granted a fast delivery and production start-up and furthermore provided with extensive, worldwide PEMA service during the partnership.

PEMA APS Skymaster 750 improves welding quality and increases workplace safety.

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