Modularity of PEMA Column & Booms enables tailored customer solutions

PEMA Column & Booms are developed to improve productivity and meet the standards of high-quality fabrication. Their modularity provides flexibility, enabling tailored solutions to each specific task in question.

Pemamek’s Application Manager of nearly 20 years, Jarmo Kallio discusses the importance and benefits of columns & booms in hard automation welding solutions.

Designed and built for professionals

Like all Pemamek’s heavy automation solutions, PEMA Column & Booms are also designed in-house, combining Pemamek’s long-term experience with the use of modern technology. All components used in PEMA Column & Booms are provided by well-established and well-recognized suppliers; this guarantees full performance even under the toughest fabrication conditions.

– Our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing welding automation solutions has been the foundation also in the development of PEMA Column & Booms. They fulfill the requirements of the European EN-safety norm and come with CE-markings. 

– PEMA Column & Booms are standard products, and we always test them before delivering them to customers. For us, providing customers with solutions that increase their safety-at-work is a primary principle, explains Pemamek’s Application Manager Jarmo Kallio.

Jarmo Kallio, Application Manager at Pemamek.

PEMA Column & Booms can be controlled with PEMA WeldControl 100 -control system. 

PEMA WeldControl 100 and 500

Every PEMA Column & Booms product is controlled with either PEMA WeldControl 100 – or WeldControl 500 -control system. These unique systems have all the necessary controls like welding process, control of columns & booms, and control of roller beds, in just one panel.
They also have a welding parameter library (WPS), production data register, and remote access through which PEMA Service support has direct access to the customer’s site.

– When we developed PEMA WeldControl series system where all the main functions are collected in one control system, the target was to help operator’s work and improve customer’s productivity and safety at work, explains Kallio.

Tailored solutions for maximum productivity

Thanks to their modular construction, PEMA Column & Booms are easy to adapt for all the needs that the customer’s welding work may require, depending on the welding process in question, used material and the geometry of manufactured products.

Choosing PEMA Column & Booms means choosing reliability, according to Kallio;

– Thanks to the modularity of our products, we can provide our customers with columns & booms that fit their needs. Since the key components like welding machines come from some of the biggest providers in the industry, we can guarantee full product support for years. Our standard Column & Booms products have a short delivery time and a long working life; they are tested and trustworthy.

„Our standard Column & Booms products have a short delivery time and a long working life; they are tested and trustworthy.“

Three product families       

From hard to very demanding welding automation purposes, Pemamek has the right solution to help our customers to boost their productivity. All PEMA Column & Boom solutions weld both longitudinal and circumferential seams.

PEMA MD, Medium Duty Series, is designed for hard welding automation purposes. It is a cost-effective solution to improve productivity, welding quality, and safety especially for a single wire or twin SAG welding but suits well for MIG/MAG as well. PEMA MD is a technologically advanced Column & Boom series that ranges in size from 3×3 meters up to 5×5 meters.

The MD series is also available with an integrated control system WeldControl 100, which combines welding parameter control, welding data storage, remote control, and other advanced welding functions into the column & boom control interface.

PEMA MD series is a cost-effective solution to improve productivity and welding quality.

– Depending on the workpieces and factory layout, the working range needs to be adjusted: the modularity of our products makes this possible. Additionally, there exists a wide range of accessories that the product can be equipped with according to the customer needs, Kallio explains.

PEMA HD, Heavy Duty Series, is the right solution for demanding welding automation purposes. With a roller bed and positioner interface as a standard feature, it’s especially suitable for tandem SAW welding with complete hard automation cells and welding lines of heavy tubular parts such as wind tower parts and foundations, but also serves well in single wire and twin SAW process.

PEMA HD series sizes range from 3×3 meters to 8×7 meters, and when combined with PEMA roller beds and positioners, automated welding of workpieces can be carried out reliably and to the highest standards of productivity and welding quality.

– HD series is our most popular Column & Boom solution. The working range is wider compared to the MD series, and it can be adjusted to heavy welding production, such as wind towers.
HD series can be used together with our advanced WeldControl 500 -control system, enabling a high level of automation in multilayer welding,
clarifies Kallio and continues;

 – For HD and EHD series, there is also an option of mounting a CE-certified operator seat to the end of the boom, near to the welding head.

PEMA EHD, Extra Heavy-Duty Series, provides the perfect solution especially for heavy SAW welding in tailored welding hard automation cells. PEMA EHD Column & Booms are built to fulfill specific fabrication requirements with up to a 10-meter working range.

– EHD series is the right solution for very demanding welding applications, tells Kallio.

HD series is the most popular PEMA Column & Booms solution.

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