Future Makers: Ines Koski, Quality Engineer

Ines Koski

Quality Engineer, Safety and Documentation Department
Environmental engineer, MBA student in Environmental Management

„So far, this has been one of the best places that I’ve ever worked!“

Ines Koski, a 24-year-old sharp-minded environmental engineer, spent the summer developing and fine-tuning Pemamek’s quality system. Before heading back to school and to finish her Master’s, we had a chance to sit down with Ines and ask, how was her summer at Pemamek?  

Hello Ines, tell us briefly about you?

Hello, well I’m 24 years old and I’m originally from Kokkola, although for the past years I’ve been living in Tampere. I’ve studied environmental engineering and now I’m almost done with my Master’s degree in environmental management. Now I just need to finalize my master thesis.

If you had a crystal ball to see to your future career, what would you see?

In the near future I see myself working with QEHS (Quality, Environment, Health & Safety) issues. In today’s world I find these topics extremely important and interesting. The field is very diverse and for sure there’s a lot of work to do.

You have worked for the whole summer at Pemamek. Tell us briefly about your typical workday.

It is impossible to tell you about my “typical workday”, since all my days have been different. One thing common between all my days is that each of the days has included a lot of teamwork and collaboration with co-workers from the quality and documentation team.

Mainly, my main responsibility has been developing the safety system. I have received plenty of responsibility, I have been able to give developing ideas and actually impact on things that I find important. Whenever I’ve needed support or had questions that I can’t find a solution to on my own, it has been easy to approach the more experienced PEMA people and ask for help.

How was it to enter the company? How Team PEMA welcome you?

The first day at work is always full of excitement, meeting new people and learning new things. On my first day I was nervous of course, but people welcomed me very well, and so I quickly felt like belonging here. One factor that made it easy to adjust to working at Pemamek was that during my first days I had several orientation meetings with different application managers and department leaders.

Despite the fact that I have worked here only for the summer, I’ve been treated equally as one of the Team members. So far, this has been one of the best places that I’ve ever worked at!

We are extremely glad to hear that! How did you hear about Pemamek and what took you to apply to work here?

I participated in a recruiting event organized by the Tampere University of Technology and over there I met Pemamek’s HR Manager, Niina Nurmi.

Before the event, I had noticed Pemamek’s summer job opening for a quality engineer. Niina recommended me to send an application, in fact, she told me to send a video application, and so I did. I had never done a video application before. Making the video was nerve-wracking. I needed to record so many versions, but apparently one of them was good enough.

What has been the best thing about the summer?

Getting this summer job and working at Pemamek have been hands down the best things about the summer.

Have you learned anything new or something that would have made you think differently about the industry or your field of the job?

Oh, I’ve learned so much about this industry. Before coming to Pemamek, I didn’t know much about welding. During this summer I’ve learned a lot about electrification, machine installations, and welding automation. I’ve gotten an entirely new perspective on the metal industry and automation technology. Additionally, when working with massive machines, the importance of safety and quality is immense. You notice the mark of your work immediately and on a much bigger scale.

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