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PEMA VRWP-C Compact Robot Solution Brings Efficiency to Western Baltija Shipbuilding

Western Baltija Shipbuilding, a proficient and modern shipbuilding company from Lithuania, invested in the first PEMA solution a full decade ago.

The latest investment, PEMA VRWP-C compact robot solution, has ensured efficiency, time savings, and excellent welding quality for the client.

Western Baltija Shipbuilding, part of Western Shipyard which belongs to BLRT Grupp, offers a wide range of services and solutions, such as vessels and hulls, for shipbuilding.

To successfully respond and exceed the needs of their clients, the company has combined their strong experience with modern technology: after investing in the PEMA Panel line a decade ago, Western Baltija Shipbuilding has since equipped their shipyard with PEMA VRWP-X2 and VRWP-C robotic welding portals.

The extensive expertise has also carried the company during the unusual and undoubtedly challenging year of 2020; good cooperation with clients of different sizes has enabled a stable workload and continuation of production.

“Of course, there have been some adjustments during this year. However, we have been able to reduce the risks and have quite a positive year thanks to our wide customer base: even when some markets have had to postpone their investments, we have maintained our production”, explains Vitalij Frolov, the Director of Western Baltija Shipbuilding.

PEMA VRWP-C has replaced manual work, improved welding quality and increased efficiency for the customer.

PEMA VRWP-C replaces manual work, boosts efficiency and quality

The latest investment, PEMA VRWP-C, was delivered to Klaipeda shipyard during spring 2019. PEMA VRWP-C is a compact vision robot solution, optimal for micro panel welding. According to Mr. Frolov, the company has been extremely satisfied with the order – starting from the installation phase.

“The installation of PEMA VRWP-C only took a couple of days. We were well prepared to receive the order and the simplicity of the solution made the commissioning period smooth and easy”, says Mr. Frolov.

One of the main advantages that Western Baltija Shipbuilding was looking to gain by investing in PEMA VRWP-C, was replacing manual work. Implementing a robotic solution into the production has allowed the company to re-assign its human talent to other tasks.

“For us, the compact solution has replaced a lot of manual work. It has been very effective: in one shift, PEMA VRWP-C replaces six to seven people. As we work in two shifts, it can replace up to 14 people and we can arrange those workers for other tasks. We have been very satisfied”, says Mr. Frolov, and continues “the quality of welding has also improved after switching to robotic welding, and overall, we have achieved visibly positive financial results.”

“For us, the compact solution has replaced a lot of manual work”

PEMA Helpdesk for real-time support

Martynas Povilis, Technical Director of Western Baltija Shipbuilding, acknowledges and appreciates Pemamek’s workforce that has supported the customer at every stage: from the pre-design and installation to still providing real-time support via PEMA Helpdesk, an online service.

“It is easy to work with Pemamek as the people are very experienced, friendly, and always willing to help. We have always received the support needed and highly appreciate the close cooperation”.

PEMA VRWP-C is controlled with PEMA WeldControl 200 CREATE software, an in-house designed programming system. PEMA WeldControl 200 CREATE is easy to use, and in case of any questions, PEMA Helpdesk enables real-time support.

“Our operators have found Pemamek’s programming system very easy and convenient to use. In addition, the helpdesk is a great instrument: if we wish to receive additional help, it is typically a couple of hours and we are already back in action”, explains Mr. Povilis.

“As we work in two shifts, it (PEMA VRWP-C) can replace up to 14 people and we can arrange those workers to other tasks. We have been very satisfied.”

PEMA WeldControl 200 CREATE is an easy and convenient programming system for operators to use.

Efficiency for future production as well

A forward-looking mindset of Western Baltija Shipbuilding has expanded their strategy as well: in the future, the company may diversify its production by starting to manufacture monopiles and transition pieces for the offshore industry.

“There will be more and more robotic welding and automated solutions in the future. We have been satisfied with PEMA machinery, and expanding to other PEMA solutions as we potentially expand our own business to new markets is something we will look into”, summarizes Mr. Frolov.

What kind of recommendations does Western Baltija Shipbuilding have for other shipyards interested in robotic welding? Mr. Frolov has the answer ready:

“What really summarizes the benefits, is efficiency. Robotic welding is efficient, and we surely recommend it – and if someone wishes to see how we utilize PEMA robotic welding solutions and what kind of benefits we have received, our premises are always open for visitors.”

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