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PEMA roller beds to bring efficiency and quality to Innovative Water Systems

Higher production efficiency and better product quality: the two core improvements that Innovative Water Systems was looking to make by investing in PEMA welding automation solutions.

14 sets of PEMA roller beds were delivered to the Estonian based manufacturing company to support their chain of improvements and powerful future vision.

“We found out that companies in the metal industry implement these kinds of welding automation solutions in their production, and one of the successful Estonian companies recommended Pemamek to us. We were intrigued to see how suitable PEMA solutions would be for welding plastic products”, starts Margus Aiaots, Export Sales Manager of Innovative Water Systems.

Innovative Welding Systems, IWS, established in Estonia in 2007, manufactures long-lasting, high-quality products made of high density polyethylene (PE) and polupropylene (PP) plastics. The products – plastic pumping stations, tanks and large pipes – are already delivered to an extensive customer base in the Baltics, Nordic and Central Europe. Yet, there is a bigger vision and well-intended plan for the future:

“Our goal is to be the most innovative pumping station producer in Europe within the next five years. Our management has created a strategy to serve that goal and investing in PEMA welding automation solutions is one of the steps in the chain of improvements that we agreed on”, explains Mr. Aiaots.

PEMA solutions are suitable for welding plastic products as well: 14 sets of PEMA roller beds were delivered to IWS, a manufacturer of plastic pumping stations, tanks and large pipes. Photo: Innovative Water Systems

"Installation took us less than one hour"

Seven sets of PEMA A12 4D drive unit rollerbeds and seven sets of PEMA A12 idler unit rollerbeds were delivered to IWS during Autumn 2020. From the initial contact with Pemamek to having PEMA rollerbeds in place, the customer has been satisfied with the support they have received.

“Mr. Nihti (PEMA Area Sales Manager) visited our premises to get an idea of our production, and we also paid a visit to Pemamek’s factory in Loimaa, Finland. The necessary solution was found quickly. PEMA roller beds arrived at our factory at the agreed time and with clear instructions, the installation took us less than an hour”, says Rauno Somelar, Production Manager of Innovative Water Systems.

Before implementing PEMA roller beds into their production, IWS was using a type of roof crane to turn the workpieces. It was not only time-consuming, but also significantly harder for the workers:

“Having the workpiece on the roller beds is so much better. The roller beds support and help moving the workpieces easier and more efficiently, and this results in a higher safety for our employees. We have already received positive feedback from our employees – roller beds are simple to use, and make their workload a lot easier”, continues Mr. Somelar.

“Having the workpiece on the roller beds is so much better. The roller beds support and help moving the workpieces easier and more efficiently, and this results in higher safety for our employees.”

Higher efficiency, better safety: IWS employees have been satisfied with PEMA welding solutions. Photo: Innovative Water Systems

Aiming for higher production efficiency and better product quality

For IWS, the decisive factors in investing in PEMA automation solutions were production efficiency and product quality. With such improvements, the company would be able to provide customers with shorter delivery times after carrying out smooth, uninterrupted plastic welding on their products. After using PEMA roller beds for a couple of months, improvements can already be seen.

“Of course, the best results will be visible within a year or so, when we have reached the maximum potential of the roller beds. Every day that we utilize them, we learn more. Even after just two months of using PEMA roller beds, we can already see that our production is getting faster”, describes Mr. Aiaots.

What kind of objectives does IWS then have for the upcoming year and maximum efficiency?

“As a company, we decided to invest in modern welding automation to minimize errors and reclamations of welding quality. During the next year, I am positive we are going to see significant improvements in the reliability and quality of welding”, explains Mr. Somelar, and his colleague Mr. Aiaots continues – “then, if we talk about numeral results: it now takes us four days to finish a product, but a year from now it should only take us 2.5 days. Reducing manufacturing time by 1.5 days would result in visible savings in labor costs.”

The mindset of continuous improvement is also one of the reasons IWS chose Pemamek’s welding automation solution over the competitors;

“What we have learned over the years is that paying for a product is one thing, but what really counts is the support and help even after the purchase. We were really impressed with the quality of PEMA products, but we also knew that by investing in PEMA, we invest in a long-term cooperation. If we need help or support, or if we wish to make further investments, we can count on Pemamek”, summarizes Mr. Aiaots.

“Our production became significantly faster right away after the first PEMA deliveries” – Tõnis Tuuder, Estanc

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