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National Oilwell Varco acquires welding solution from Pemamek

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) decided to purchase production and welding automation solution from PEMA for their offshore oil drilling risers fabrication. The solution, being one-of-a-kind in the world, will replace current manual welding procedures.

National Oilwell Varco is a worldwide leader in providing major mechanical components for land and offshore drilling rigs, complete land drilling and well servicing rigs, tubular inspection and internal tubular coatings, drill string equipment, extensive lifting and handling equipment, and a broad offering of downhole drilling motors, bits and tools.



NOV started to negotiate with Pemamek about the most advanced welding automation solution for their needs. The riser welding station is in the heart of the factory and in the key role of the fabrication. NOV concluded an agreement with PEMA on designing, manufacturing and delivering oil drilling riser fabrication unit – PEMA Tube Welding Lines – that include automatic cutting, bevelling  and welding.

The technology is ideally applicable in offshore industry and is the most advanced welding automation solution for riser fabrication in the world.

The technology is ideal for offshore industry and is the most advanced welding automation solution for riser fabrication in the world.


Targets and results

The main target for NOV is to reduce production costs significantly. The other target – which is not less important – is to have new production technology that is most advanced and gets the company well ahead the competitors. With this new machinery and solution NOV will get highest productivity for their riser fabrication and less dependent on availability of classified welders.


Drilling risers

A drilling riser is a conduit that provides a temporary extension of a subsea oil well to a surface drilling facility. Drilling risers are categorised into two types: marine drilling risers used with subsea blowout preventer (BOP) and generally used by floating drilling vessels; and tie-back drilling risers used with a surface BOP and generally deployed from fixed platforms or very stable floating platforms like a spar or tension leg platform.

A marine drilling riser has a large diameter, low pressure main tube with external auxiliary lines that include high pressure choke and kill lines for circulating fluids to the subsea blowout preventer. The design and operation of marine drilling risers is complex, and the requirement for high reliability means an extensive amount of engineering analysis is required.

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