Meeting the demand of growth: Fortaco Estonia turns to Pemamek’s plug-and-weld solution

During the past few years, Fortaco Estonia has experienced rapid growth and faced new capacity demands. To address the challenges, the company invested in Pemamek’s plug-and-weld solution, PEMA Skytrack.

Fortaco Estonia OÜ, a renowned welding and machining company, has been on a trajectory of substantial growth. The company’s customers mainly come from the heavy off-highway equipment and marine industries. Fortaco’s of­ ferings include technological R&D and design services, cabin manufacturing, machining, vehicle assemblies, steel fabrication, and machining.

With a focus on increasing capacity and guaranteeing welding quality, Fortaco sought innovative solutions to overcome its capacity challenges. Recognizing the need for advanced welding technology Fortaco Estonia turned to Pemamek for a plug-and-weld solution, PEMA Skytrack.

Pre-made parameters

Some of the factors affecting the decision-making were short delivery time, quick implementation, and suitability for different types of projects. Aisa, complete equipment delivery was aisa an important factor.

With the pre-made parameters made by Pemamek’s team, the Skytrack system perfectly aligned with Fortaco’s requirements. To Pemamek Fortaco sent the 3D models of the workpieces that would be manufactured on Sk­ ytrack. Pemamek’s team created variables for welding parameters and to­ gether the teams selected the most suitable option for Fortaco’s use.

“PEMA Skytrack, being a compact robotic station, offered a convenient solution for us,” says Yaroslav Pechorin, Fortaco’s Development Manager.

With the pre-made parameters made by Pemamek's team, the Skytrack system perfectly aligned with Fortaco's requirements.

PEMA Skytrack, being a compact robotic station, offered a convenient solution for us.

Yaroslav Pechorin, Fortaco's Development Manager

Forward-looking approach

Fortaco’s past growth and courage to invest showcase Fortaco’s dedication to staying at the forefront of manufacturing efficiency and meeting evolving needs. With its forward-looking approach, Fortaco is well-prepared to nav­ igate future demands and maintain its position as a leader in the industry.

“We are looking forward to starting operating the robot in full scope to see technical benefits in practice. This will be critical to take decisions about the next robot welding investments.” Larissa Shabunova, Managing Director of Fortaco Estonia

The team of Fortaco Estonia and Pemamek at Fortaco Narva's site.

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