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Increasing productivity with the PEMA Welding Platform

As the workpieces are getting bigger and stronger the materials get thicker in the wind tower industry.

The demands on producing renewal energy are increasing, in both onshore and offshore manufacturing. Pemamek provides automated welding solutions for the production environments that need to meet the ongoing challenges of the growing industry.

To have more productivity, safety, and less manual work, our long-term customer and partner TEN, the Brazilian steel tower manufacturer, has made their third large investment as a part of a wider strategy and capacity improvement plan. Torres Eólicas do Nordeste is a Brazilian company that specializes in the manufacturing of steel towers for the wind power industry and the investment in PEMA Welding Platform ensures the constantly growing competitiveness in global markets.

During the six years of collaboration with Pemamek, we have managed to improve the quality of our products and stability of our processes. Having advanced technology helps us to achieve good results, as we want to be the number one in the Brazilian market.

The first delivery

The first delivery from Pemamek to TEN was in 2014 and included several PEMA Assembly stations to guarantee flawless workpieces and excellent safety. The assembly stations were integrated with PEMA Column&Booms, which are designed for demanding welding automation purposes to enable high-quality production. In 2019, TEN took another step in the process and invested in PEMA Flange Fitting station to optimize the use of floor space, improve safety and simplify the production. PEMA Flange Fitting station enables fast, safe, and accurate fitting and welding of flanges for the wind tower and tower foundation sections. With PEMA FF station, flange fitting is possible without turning the shell, and cranes can be released to other tasks.

Increasing production

Torres Eólicas do Nordeste, TEN, is located in the northeast region of Brazil, where the best winds are blowing and the major of the country’s wind farms are located. The company is currently expanding its production in the growing wind tower market. Part of the strategy and bigger investment plan is to increase and improve the capacity and as TEN and Pemamek have a very strong partnership and collaboration already, the company decided to order PEMA welding platform to complete them constantly developing tower manufacturing besides the PEMA welding columns they invested in earlier.

The whole project planning for TEN started already 8 years ago, in 2013, two years before the company was established. The collaboration with Pemamek brought the companies together in terms of developing the design of the factory layout and the needs for this new company and the markets they were heading to. The increasing demands and complexity of the onshore projects in Brasil made the production needs look forward to in processing and welding the thicker plates. With the latest investments TEN is preparing for future projects in both onshore and offshore projects. The latest technology ables to offer the best quality products to customers growing demands.

“I would like to thank everyone for the great effort to make this project happen. This kind of technology and equipment is new in Latin America, so having the support of the whole PEMA team in the WS2 platform implementation at TEN makes us confident that we are going to achieve great results. I’m hoping to keep this partnership with Pemamek for years to come as strong as it is. Together we can weld better”, Carlos Konopatzki, General Director at TEN, summarizes.

“This customer relationship with TEN is the best reference in the wind energy industry for Pemamek. TEN is manufacturing onshore towers using the whole production line covered with PEMA processes and machines. And repeating the collaboration and orders, they have always been interested to have the latest technology and innovations like the PEMA Flange fitting station and now this PEMA WS2 Welding platform. It shows that the customer is looking into the future and has decided to be the number one player”, says Jarmo Pehkonen, Area Director, South America, at Pemamek.

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