Pemamek names Michael Pavlock as Regional Manager for Pemamek LLC

Michael Pavlock is the new Regional Sales Manager of Pemamek LLC in the Texas Region. Pemamek Oy and the company’s North American subsidiary Pemamek LLC, have named Michael Pavlock Regional Sales Manager, Texas Region. Michael Pavlock will head the sales efforts for PEMA brand equipment and solutions throughout Texas, the Gulf Coast states, and Oklahoma. His experience […]

PEMA x LIVE: Offline programming for wide product mix

Join our PEMA x LIVE webinar on October 7th to learn about automating high-mix low-volume production! Robots make a fantastic shop floor companion. They can go to places where it is too dangerous for humans, they adapt rapidly to variations, and also robots can do repetitive work all day long. For humans to efficiently run the […]

Joonas Arola to develop and direct power generation segment

Pemamek strengthens the team and more specifically its power generation segment with Joonas Arola. Already familiar with the industry and its technologies, Joonas looks to fulfill the potential of the segment with a customer-oriented approach. Welcome to the team, Joonas! Let’s start with a short introduction – tell us something about yourself. Thanks! My name is […]

PEMA x LIVE: Welding automation for tubular products

How to improve the welding capacity of tubular products? Join our PEMA x LIVE webinar on August 20th to learn about the PEMA welding automation solution for tubular workpiece production. Our PEMA experts Jarmo Kallio (Application Manager) and Mika Nihti (Area Sales Manager) will give an introduction of PEMA Column & Booms, roller beds, and […]

Successful partnership with DNC Técnica

DNC Técnica, a true expert in industrial maintenance, has been Pemamek’s official partner since 2017. Portuguese-based DNC Técnica has been operating in the metal industry for 22 years already, and the experienced Product Manager and PEMA Partner Mr. Daniel Candeias has worked for the company for half of that time. From a successful project to a […]

SAW welding, an efficient and high-quality welding process

SAW welding, Submerged Arc Welding, is an efficient welding process especially suitable for welding of thick plates. The SAW welding process is not sensitive to welding defects, and it is also a safe process for the operator. In this article, PEMA Welding Engineer Jari Tervolin defines the SAW welding process, discusses its benefits, and explains […]

Webinar recap: Revolutionary nozzle welding

On Wednesday, the 24th of June, Pemamek organized its first virtual event for customers. The “Revolutionary nozzle welding” webinar was held in two different sessions to serve customers from different time zones. In total, the event gathered 240 viewers from 23 different countries. The “Revolutionary nozzle welding” webinar, organized by Pemamek, included a comprehensive introduction […]

Pemamek publishes 50th anniversary video

As a part of the anniversary celebrations, Pemamek has published a video that highlights the family company’s significant events during the past five decades. Also, the video is a time-travel that emphasizes Pemamek’s growth into a global and innovation-driven solution provider. The anniversary is an important milestone in the family company’s story. It symbolizes Pemamek’s […]

Lehtosen Konepaja orders heavy-duty PEMA welding automation

Lehtosen Konepaja, a daughter company of the Finnish LEKO Group, has placed an order for heavy-duty PEMA welding and production automation. The order includes PEMA APS 35000 welding positioner, capable of handling workpieces up to 35,000 kg, and PEMA HD 7×5 column & boom. By investing in additional welding and production automation, Lehtosen Konepaja targets […]

PEMA News 2020 out in the spring: Pre-order hard copy

Order a hard copy The anniversary edition of PEMA News customer magazine will be out in the spring. As always, the magazine will feature some of our most fascinating customer success stories, but also in-depth articles on the latest PEMA technology. The magazine will be also available as a hard copy. Pre-order a copy to your […]