PEMA x LIVE webinar: A modern welding positioner

Join our PEMA x LIVE webinar on December 2nd to learn about our newest innovation, a programmable welding positioner! PEMA Skymaster PRO welding positioner represents a fusion of modern digitality and Pemamek’s signature positioning technology. All the uniquely capable features of PEMA Skymaster PRO are controlled with an intelligent touch screen system. PEMA Skymaster PRO […]

PEMA x LIVE: Offline programming for wide product mix

Join our PEMA x LIVE webinar on October 7th to learn about automating high-mix low-volume production! Robots make a fantastic shop floor companion. They can go to places where it is too dangerous for humans, they adapt rapidly to variations, and also robots can do repetitive work all day long. For humans to efficiently run the […]

PEMA x LIVE: Welding automation for tubular products

How to improve the welding capacity of tubular products? Join our PEMA x LIVE webinar on August 20th to learn about the PEMA welding automation solution for tubular workpiece production. Our PEMA experts Jarmo Kallio (Application Manager) and Mika Nihti (Area Sales Manager) will give an introduction of PEMA Column & Booms, roller beds, and […]