Modularity of PEMA Column & Booms enables tailored customer solutions

welding column and boom

PEMA Column & Booms are developed to improve productivity and meet the standards of high-quality fabrication. Their modularity provides flexibility, enabling tailored solutions to each specific task in question. Pemamek’s Application Manager of nearly 20 years, Jarmo Kallio discusses the importance and benefits of columns & booms in hard automation welding solutions. Designed and built […]

Half a century of world-class positioners

welding positioner

Pemamek has been designing and manufacturing positioners for demanding and heavy workpiece welding for nearly fifty years now. Positioners enable increased working flexibility, productivity, quality and they are also beneficial for welders: PEMA positioners have been developed to add ergonomic working comfort and ensure a safer working environment. 50 years of productive and quality welding […]

Jyri Luhtio: PEMA production lines increase efficiency of micro panel manufacturing

robotic welding shipbuilding With 25 years of experience in delivering shipbuilding solutions, Pemamek is devoted to helping its customers to increase their productivity and competitiveness. Deep know-how expertise combined with technologically advanced solutions, allow serving customers with ideal, personalized solutions – from a single piece production to high volume mass production. Read the interview of Pemamek’s Jyri […]

Robotics in shipbuilding: in-house software for in-house machinery

Utilizing robots in shipbuilding allows companies to get stable and high-level welding quality at all times. Robots are at their prime when completing simple and standardized tasks, which allows skillful resources to focus their time and effort on more demanding and detailed tasks. Robots enable increased arc-on time, which correspondingly enables faster ROI.     Robotic […]

Automated thin panel fabrication for shipbuilding

Usage of thin panels is constantly increasing in shipbuilding since it provides better performance with lower fuel consumption, faster speed, and agility for ships. Even though deformation and productivity challenges are common in thin panel fabrication, they can be solved with dedicated automated production. Towards thin panel production In modern shipbuilding, ships are built lighter […]

PEMA T-beam production line improves shipbuilding efficiency

In today’s rapidly changing shipbuilding industry, competitiveness and productivity need to be developed constantly. In practice, it means that every unnecessary work phase and possible bottleneck should be eliminated from the production chain. Pemamek’s automated T-beam production line takes into account these demands, enabling shipbuilders to improve their overall shipyard profitability and efficiency.   “In […]

Efficient one-off production with PEMA WeldControl 300

Designed and developed by Pemamek, PEMA WeldControl 300 is one of the most advanced robot programming and welding systems available in the market. Thanks to its modern modules and three different user levels, the programming software is fast to adapt to any one-off production. *PEMA WeldControl software can be sold and integrated only with PEMA welding […]