SAW welding, an efficient and high-quality welding process

SAW welding, Submerged Arc Welding, is an efficient welding process especially suitable for welding of thick plates. The SAW welding process is not sensitive to welding defects, and it is also a safe process for the operator. In this article, PEMA Welding Engineer Jari Tervolin defines the SAW welding process, discusses its benefits, and explains […]

PEMA Nozzle welding solution for heavy-duty welding

Pemamek introduces its PEMA Nozzle Welding Solution for pressure vessels and other heavy-duty welding applications. By automating the nozzle welding operation, man-hours required for multi-layer welding processes and defects are dramatically reduced. Built-in lasers scan groove geometry in the workpieces, which typically contain largely prepared grooves and thick plates, and automatically create robotic welding programs […]

Complete robotic solutions for workshops

In the highly competitive heavy fabrication industry, a company’s competitive edge needs to be developed all the time. Complete robotic welding solutions provide the focus and optimization the company needs, in order to be more dynamic and deliver more value to the customer. In order to raise the level of automation and improve overall productivity, […]

NEWS: Pemamek growing at Asian wind energy markets

Pemamek has entered the Japanese and Taiwanese wind energy markets. For the company, the welding automation deliveries indicate a significant step towards future growth in the area. PEMA Assembly Station guarantees the highest safety and circular shape of workpieces.  Pemamek delivers wind tower production line to Japan, enters Taiwanese markets as well Pemamek has entered […]

Stronger foundations with welding automation

As turbines get heavier and blades longer, the demands for offshore foundations are clear: they need to be stiffer, stronger, and reliable. For the production process, it means integrating new technology and more efficient manufacturing systems. Everything starts with an efficient manufacturing process Today’s offshore towers are massive. The height of a typical tower is […]

Innovative solutions for onshore and offshore wind tower production

welding solutions wind tower manufacturing

Advanced technology, modern processes, and automated production build the ground for high quality and innovative solutions in the growing wind energy sector. Pemamek specializes in solutions for heavy-duty welding and as a leading professional, takes pride in responding to customer’s individual needs, as welding automation systems are inevitably beneficial in the manufacturing of wind towers. […]

Bigger turbines, fewer skilled workers: The future of wind tower manufacturing

The wind is currently the most rapidly growing renewable energy source. Due to the increasing need for sustainably generated energy, the demands for onshore and offshore wind towers are getting higher. Bigger and larger As the global emission regulations get tighter, the need for more powerful renewable energy is truly becoming prominent. Out of all […]

Edge preparation by milling improves welding automation

Edge preparation done by milling is vital in order to increase production efficiency, gain proper penetration, and good joint strength. Pemamek’s integrated milling solutions enable a significant improvement in quality as well as savings in money and time according to Teemu Tolonen, Application Manager of Wind Energy at Pemamek. The accuracy of weld joint preparation […]

Assembly line: Perfectly rounded tanks, towers and pressure vessels

Increase working safety, be cost-effective, and manufacture perfectly rounded tanks, towers, and pressure vessels. High-quality tanks, pressure vessels, and towers need to be manufactured faster in order to maintain competitiveness and profitability in the markets. Together with an integrated welding system, modern assembly station is the key to boost manufacturing efficiency and take the targeted […]

Roller beds: Essential for turning heavy-duty cylindrical workpieces

Modern automation solutions for turning heavy-duty cylindrical workpieces increase working safety and boost production efficiency. With today’s roller bed technology, manufacturers achieve the needed efficiency and safety when handling containers, tubes, pipes, and wind towers during welding, painting, or assembly. Roller beds are crucial when handling large cylindrical workpieces. Roller beds minimize the need for […]