PEMA Summer Talents 2021

How was the summer 2021 through the eyes of PEMA Summer Talents?

  • Electric automation technology student
  • One internship and one summer at PEMA


This is Julia’s first year at the University of Applied Sciences, studying electrical automation technology. She was already familiar with Pemamek as she did her internship here in 2020. Julia’s brother has also worked at Pemamek in the past.

“This summer, my job description includes assembly work on electrical switchboards, as well as installation work in Loimaa and further afield, for example in Italy. Working at Pemamek during the summer is enjoyable because the variety and diversity of the work makes every day different. In addition, you get to meet a lot of new people.” 

  • Mechanical engineering student
  • Third summer at PEMA

“The best thing about working at Pemamek is the good and supportive atmosphere. The working days include a wide range of tasks from phasing in the production of mechanical assemblies to sourcing manufacturing materials.”

Elmeri is a mechanical engineering student and has been working at Pemamek for three summers now.  He decided to apply for a summer job in mechanical assemblies, originally inspired by a friend’s good experience. Last year, he started working in the production engineering team, where he continued also in the summer of 2021.


  • Lappeenranta University of Technology
  • First summer at PEMA


“The best and most rewarding part is when you get to take care of things that are urgent or important to your customers. It makes you feel good when the customer is happy.

The Customer and Service Coordinator’s job description includes a wide range of tasks, from making spare parts offers to arranging transport and technical support. The best part of the job is dealing with customers and dealing with successful customer service situations that make you feel good about yourself.


  • Mechanical engineering student
  • First summer at PEMA

“The days at Pemamek are different and don’t repeat themselves. I’ve also been given new challenges and responsibilities, I can suggest solutions independently.”

Aleksi is studying mechanical engineering at Turku University of Applied Sciences, specializing in automation. After the summer, his studies will continue for the third year.  At Pema, Aleksi has worked with various mechanical installation tasks  and help from more experienced employees has always been near if it has been needed.


  • Secondary School
  • Two summers and several shorter training periods at PEMA

“I really like being at Pemamek, because here I can do the metalworking jobs I like.”

Leevi knows Pemamek from years ago. He has completed three of his school training periods  here, and it’s his second summer working at Pema. In his spare time Leevi enjoys for example repairing various equipment. 

Last year, Leevi worked on a flame-cutting machine and a drilling machine. This year, in addition to the drill press, his new job is in the welding shop.


  • Mechanical engineering student
  • Fourth summer at PEMA


“During these four summers, I have gained a wide range of experience in a variety of jobs, from installation to concept design.”

While studying mechanical engineering at Tampere University of Technology, Sakari likes to spend his free time wall climbing, skiing and hiking, and his studies are already in their final stages. 

Since last summer Sakari has been working in the 3D layout and concept design team. What makes his days interesting is the variety of the products and solutions at Pemamek, and working in sales support.

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