Future Makers: Miika Kartano, PLC Engineer

Miika Kartano

PLC Engineer, Automation Engineering Department
Automation Engineering, M.Sc. (Tech.), Tampere University of Technology

“To sum up my summer, the topmost feeling is that my expertise, knowledge, and skills were trusted in and appreciated.”

When Miika started his seventh summer to work for Pemamek, he didn’t know that his job could take him to work abroad. Work trip to Germany ended up being one of his best and most rewarding job experiences so far.

I was born and raised in Loimaa, but for the past five years, I have been living in Tampere so the city has become like my other hometown. I had my first experience with Pemamek seven years ago when I received a summer job from the mechanic assembly team. From there I’ve built my way up through electric engineering to PLC automation engineering where I work now. In my spare time, I dedicate myself to sports, especially volleyball, beach volley, and tennis.

If you had a crystal ball to see to your future career, what would you see? What are your career plans?

In my future job, I find it extremely important to be able to combine theory and working next to the desktop with practical and hands-on work. I have that now in my current job at Pemamek and I like the mix. Additionally, in my future job international and global environment will play an important part. This summer I have had a role that has required traveling abroad and it has been extremely rewarding.

You have worked for the whole summer at Pemamek. Tell us briefly about your typical workday.

I start my day by going through my emails. After that, I plan my agenda and create a list of my priorities for the day. The days do differ as other tasks require more working at the office, such as designing, whereas other duties e.g. implementation and testing demand working at the factory.

How was it to enter the company? How people welcomed you?

By now I know the company, people, and culture since I’ve been working for several summers at Pemamek. Of course, after each spring it has been easier to enter the company and start working right away. My role and responsibilities have grown over time, so there are always a few butterflies in my stomach when starting in a new position.

What I like at Pemamek is that we have a very good team spirit and atmosphere so it is very easy to ask for help.

What took you to apply to work at Pemamek?

The role corresponded exactly what I have been studied. Additionally, I did my bachelor thesis with a topic regarding Pemamek, so that was also a major reason.

What has been the best thing or memory from the summer?

Altogether the summer has been great. The best memories are from the company events and work trip to Germany. To sum up my summer, the topmost feeling is that my expertise, knowledge, and skills were trusted in and appreciated.

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