Joonas Arola to develop and direct power generation segment

Pemamek strengthens the team and more specifically its power generation segment with Joonas Arola. Already familiar with the industry and its technologies, Joonas looks to fulfill the potential of the segment with a customer-oriented approach. Welcome to the team, Joonas! Let’s start with a short introduction – tell us something about yourself. Thanks! My name is […]

Interview with Raine Ruohonen, Project Engineer

Raine Ruohonen started working at Pemamek 12 years ago, yet he feels like there are things he still hasn’t seen. The Project Engineer describes his job as diverse and enjoys seeing different cultures during work trips.  In the interview, Raine also reminisces his first workday and talks about the various reasons to apply for a […]

Future Makers: Akseli Åberg, Electrician

“I have enjoyed working at Pemamek a lot. Tasks and work have been interesting. Pemamek is a very good place to work at.“ Hello Akseli, tell us briefly about you? I come from Jokioinen, a small town close to Loimaa. I’m into sports and especially Finnish baseball. I play baseball in the second and third […]

Future Makers: Joel Nurmi, Mechanical Engineer Trainee

Joel Nurmi Mechanical Engineer Trainee, Engineering Department Mechanical Engineering with Specialization in Product Development, Turku University of Applied Sciences “What surprised and fascinated me the most is that all PEMA solutions and equipment are handmade in Finland, here at Pemamek’s factory. That’s something I highly appreciate.” Young professional Joel is a hardworking Future Maker who appreciates […]

Future Makers: Miika Kartano, PLC Engineer

Miika Kartano PLC Engineer, Automation Engineering Department Automation Engineering, M.Sc. (Tech.), Tampere University of Technology “To sum up my summer, the topmost feeling is that my expertise, knowledge, and skills were trusted in and appreciated.” When Miika started his seventh summer to work for Pemamek, he didn’t know that his job could take him to […]

Future Makers: Ines Koski, Quality Engineer

Ines Koski Quality Engineer, Safety and Documentation Department Environmental engineer, MBA student in Environmental Management “So far, this has been one of the best places that I’ve ever worked!” Ines Koski, a 24-year-old sharp-minded environmental engineer, spent the summer developing and fine-tuning Pemamek’s quality system. Before heading back to school and to finish her Master’s, […]