Welding automation for onshore wind energy

PEMA Onshore wind tower and foundation welding solutions

Competition in the manufacturing industry has become more and more intense. Investing in welding and production automation is the only way to maintain profitability.

Innovative PEMA solutions provide you with more competitiveness, productivity and quality in onshore production thus enabling you to do more.


From single solution to complete production lines. 

Plate prefabrication, cutting / beveling, rolling

  • In turn-key solutions, PEMA can deliver a complete production line that includes rolling.

Shell manufacturing

  • Fully integrated column and boom welding and special rollers for efficient long seam. Pemamek has a station specifically designed for flange fitting and welding without need to turn the shell with an overhead crane.

Double can assembly and welding

  • Fit-up and welding two shells together.

Section assembly and welding

  • Pema assembly stations improve the efficiency of production. Both internal and external welding can be performed using the same station.

Quality control and section transportation

  • Sections are transported via rails and it is not necessary to lift heavy workpieces during the quality control and internal fitting stage.

Robotic door frame cutting and welding

  • Pemamek has developed and patented a robotic solution for door frame cutting and welding. The solution is a breakthrough as it resolves one the bottlenecks in wind tower production.

Painting and Blasting

  • For painting and blasting PEMA offers range of special material handling equipment.


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