New level of thinking- combination of PLC and robot.

PEMA Profile cutting is in a new level of thinking – the combination of a PLC and robot has established alternative to cut a large scale of different profiles with the same solution.

Robotized profile cutting

A typical PEMA profile cutting line comprises of inbound and outbound conveyors, a robot cutting station and a control system. Its utilization can be enhanced by adding a buffer storage and a text and bending-curve marking robot onto its inbound side, and a sorting system to the outbound conveyor. The sorting system can identify profile addresses from their code or sort them by length.

Exact profile positioning, rapid measurement and reliability are features of the cutting cell. The actual flame cutting can be carried out by a traditional oxygen gas cutter, a powerful plasma cutter or a combination of these two utilizing an automated tool-change unit.

Quality and speed through proper profile prefabrication

To reach higher welding speeds and quality, primer should be cleaned away from the profile’s bottom edge. PEMA’s solution for this is to clean the profile edge by shot-blasting it in a cleaning chamber. A PEMA edge cleaning station includes a transport device, an edge-blasting unit and an optional milling unit. All devices within this station operate fully automatically.

One operator can control the whole profile processing line. The devices are completely sealed from dust and noise, and their operation is user-friendly through a graphical user interface on an industrial PC. Edge machining can be used to optimize the shape of the profile edges when needed. The straight and accurate bottom edge enables optimized welding parameters, i.e. small weld sizes for minimum distortion. PEMA profile processing lines can achieve a maximum processing throughput of 15 m/min.


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